Trout with mushroom ragout

Submitted by enr on 14 Oct 2014
1 onion
1 clove garlic
1 carrot
200 ml water
1 tsp coriander
2 tbsp wine vinegar
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp wine
250 ml tomato paste
2 tsp brown sugar
300 g mushrooms
2 trout fillets
salt, pepper, bay leaf
lemon juice
parsley or fresh coriander to garnish
Trout with mushroom ragout
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In a small saucepan boil water with chopped onion, garlic and carrot. To the thus obtained vegetable broth add coriander, vinegar, soy sauce, wine, tomato paste and sugar. Cover and leave to boil over low heat for a few minutes. Then add the mushrooms, cut into slices, seasoning with salt, pepper and bay leaf and let the dish simmer until mushrooms are also cooked and liquid is reduced to half. In a pan put lightly salted fillets of trout, pour the lemon juice and pour on top mushroom ragout. Bake in the oven at 180C degrees to the readiness of the fish. Optional garnish the dish with parsley or fresh coriander.
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14 Oct 2014
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I tried the recipe for dinner, very tasty work. Only because I have no time they simplified - I put everything in a clay stew and let the microwave - ragout for 15 minutes, added the fish for 15 minutes. Even in this version negligee licked his fingers! :) Coriander beans forward vulsheben flavor of the whole dish. Thank you!

AnnaJames, I'm glad you liked the recipe. The idea with clay stew is great, because food becomes more aromatic, tasty and useful, so the next time you prepare it this way! :)