Agnieszka liver-dolma

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2009
500 g lamb kit
250 g mushrooms
2 onions
2 carrots
500 g rice
1 tsp basil
1 tsp mint
1 tbsp universal spice (pikantina, vegeta)
3 eggs
450 g yogurt
Agnieszka liver-dolma
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Lamb kit washed and put to boil in salted water. In a suitable container fry the onions, carrots and mushrooms chopped. As is cooked lamb set cut into cubes and put to fry the vegetables. Was then added and rice. Pour broth. As the rice add spices, put it in the pan to seal. Eggs and yogurt sauce is made from eggs and yogurt, as boil off the water pour liver-dolma and returned to the oven to brown, and she.
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16 Oct 2009


Cate, bravo .. :) Wonderful recipe .. so my priyadat much that can not wait for the great day: D

Bravo .. let's say aloud: P

mmm yeah us love her very much :)

patseva. Try it very good. Doty and children liked it. They are capricious. excellent recipe.

Very nice recipe. That's what I do with it, but do not put mushrooms. I'll try them.

To the recipe I want to add a detail, as evidenced by the name, the dish can be shaped as leaves. Cloth of lamb previously soaked in cold water, cut into equal pieces appropriate, put a pad and turn as leaves, arranged in a baking pan, make up the broth and bake. And I remember one time my mother was cutting cloth and turned her entire liver-tinsel, as it is in the baking pan, and finally topping top ... maleate, was so delicious, and you try :)

This is dinner today :)

recipe is really good, I also miss the mushrooms, and in the covering medium eggs and pickled. add milk 1c. l. flour and some salt.

We love home and tonight this is our dinner. Only to share what I know from my grandmother. Rice, pour broth 2/3 and 1/3 milk. *Do not feel the bitterness of entrails* - so my grandmother would say. Try big is yummy.

Very tasty recipe! :) Didkapan - thank you for sharing the experience of his grandmother! :) It is very helpful! Just ask - where girls buy lamb towels? For years I have not seen sell. Hello! :)

I have seen small business shops for meat, which sold lamb. At least at City Market in Varna. I think that no such order a butcher in'll deliver (butcher shop where they sell lamb, of course).