Apple pie meal

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2003
1 cup (200 g) semolina
1 cup (200 g) flour
1 cup (200 g) sugar
1 kg apples
sunflower oil
Apple pie meal
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Semolina, flour and sugar mix well dry. In a pan put a little sunflower oil on it and pour grated and sprinkled with cinnamon apples. On them pour the dry cake mix and bake in a moderate oven.
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06 Sep 2003


I make this cake 20 years ago. To the dry mixture, baking powder 1/2. Moreover, the baking pan alternately dry and wet mixture of 3 layers. So cooking is more even and the result more secure.

I agree with Rumy. And if you do as she says, it is a great cake.

beni: I also do this cake for years, but instead use melted butter oil, which watered and top the cake before baking.

And pumpkin is great.

cake becomes super! I also alternating dry mixture and apples as the top graduating with apples. And attach photos.

A little while ago it pulled from the oven and tried, really great cake. I also alternating apples with dry mixture by adding baking powder and as mentioned Rumi. Next time I try it with quinces.

very good cake! Thanks to the comments get superb! Three layers of apples and ordered dry mixture and poured with oil. Thanks for the good, fast and *simple* recipe. Upload a photo.

Corn or wheat semolina and better to use? Thank you.

I used pshtenichen. Pastry think unless specified better wheat, but probably will get and corn, and watch that placed and rice meal and surely it will get better.

Thank you. :)

I vary them, and poured oil! Great meal!

I make this cake for many years, love to experiment in the kitchen and I abrogates apples with anything, even with carrots and pumpkin is always great! Usually it prepare 4 layers, starting with the apple mixture and finish with dry, as in her bag and add bakpuluver.
The last experiment was a papaya. I had not tried this fruit and curios got it, but I liked it and decided to utilize replacing apples with it. I have not planed, and cut it into a bowl of flakes on top and pressed juice of half a lemon (just because I love).
Again became yummy! Upload a photo.