Submitted by enr on 05 Jan 2009
500 g flour
100 g starch
275 ml water
1 egg white
7 g of dry yeast (1 packet)
1 yolk
sesame or poppy dusting optional
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Mix the flour, starch and yeast confuse well. To the water is added to the egg white, stirred slightly, and the kneaded dough. Messi is about 5 minutes, leave for 30 minutes to rise. The dough was divided in 12 balls. Each ball is drilled completely, for example with the end of a wooden spoon to get a little bagel. Put water in a saucepan to boil with a little salt, and pretzels are placed inside. When you come to the surface, is out and arrange in a baking tray, smeared with yolk. Scatter is optional with poppy or sesame. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for 15-20 minutes. Consumed as bread for sandwiches, cut across and filled with everything you can put on a slice.
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05 Jan 2009


Bravo Agliana, very nice pictures you did.

Thanks, suites, but the first is from the net to see what it looks like dusting.

Put them in favorites.

Look how you are nice :)

can you be prepared without starch

Starch makes them fluffy and soft, just the dough becomes more air. So I think, but Aliana would say the best.

Yes, akva7 was right, but in the absence of starch may be replaced with flour, ie are 600 g of flour. The taste and texture is like a boiled bagels :)

In what sizes are given 12 pretzels?

Around 10-12 cm in diameter.

very tasty and became effective! Thanks for the recipe, once again convinced that you uploaded recipes are bezgreshka :) and put snimchitsi :)

Thank you for the good opinion we very glad that you liked the recipe :) The photos show very nice, wonderful bagels what you do, I wish you good appetite :)

bagel were very nice - right as store-bought. In combination with cream cheese and smoked salmon were wonderful. In preparation I had some difficulties - the dough quite rushed and put them in the boiling water did not sink at all. So I did not know how to brew. Also have them turned once in cooking because their upper part was never stood in the boiling water. Peko them about 30-35 minutes (maybe had to brew longer). Still got better!

Gerganche, I'm glad that the recipe has been able to serve you. I do not know why you are very puffed, but the important thing is the end result :) I would also be puzzled by boiling in this case, but I think 2-3 minutes on each side should be sufficient. Thank you very much for the picture, very tasty!

Many delicious bagels were received, thanks for the recipe :) I put in shape, so that releases photo. When done has to be knead for a minute to air them out (even if it has fallen dough, there will be a bubble is formed), so as to let sink in water. Sink just as well be careful not stick to the bottom, otherwise float for 10-20 seconds. I think there is no need for lubrication yolk - slightly changes the taste and characteristic slightly glossy crust will be obtained only by boiling.