Biscuit layered cake with caramelized fruits

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2012
400 g biscuits
2 tsp instant coffee
2 tsp cocoa
250 g chocolate spread
125 g butter
5-6 drops of rum or cognac
1 chocolate cream without boiling powder (about 300 ml liquid)
5-6 tbsp sugar
2 bananas
4 peaches
450 ml milk
2 tbsp honey
Biscuit layered cake with caramelized fruits
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Gets cooked 150 ml milk, 2 tbsp instant coffee, 2 tbsp cocoa , 2-3 tbsp sugar and rum or brandy essence - these are the necessary products to make a cappuccino, in which melting a little biscuits. Melt the butter and add to it in the chocolate spread, so as to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Add hot mixture to the already stirring cream Dr. Oetker - Chocolate without cooking, broken with 300 ml milk and cream is ready. Cut the peeled bananas and peaches with a little butter and 3 tbsp sugar is caramelized, also added honey and a few drops of rum or brandy and a pinch of cinnamon. Stir the stove for about 10 minutes until a thickened and caramelized fruits are ready. The biscuits melt in chilled cappuccino and arranged alternately on the bottom of a baking dish and further impregnated with a cappuccino with spoon, cover with a layer of chocolate on top rank caramelized peaches and bananas tier well watered and staggered biscuits, then again chocolate and fruit and so few lines. Top smeared with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Place it overnight in the refrigerator.
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24 Oct 2012


linsmalins, reading products I found this delicious cake, cream intrigued me a lot. But, please, pay attention to make. It would be better to describe it more readable.

linsmalins, writing that cookies are lining chess - I guess in this case have cocoa and white cookies? Rally Gotcha little preparation, I think that now need to be more clear.

could not resist and I write something. I guess the idea of ​​chess:) There is: probably not the biscuits are rectangular and round and line up next to each other, and between them there are holes. Next line be arranged so that on these holes have a biscuit. Second- already for the umpteenth time in a row dating mixing of hot liquid cream without boiling. Cream without boiling crashed with cold milk - breaks are rare mixture until it begins to thicken and put enough air. The resulting cream is ethereal mixture something like broken proteins with sugar. I do not know how this cream can be mixed with the hot mixture. Some time ago I had the brilliant idea to do :) chocolate Ghana with such cream instead of cream / forgot to take cream /. I used chocolate, which warmed him and I tried to add the broken cream without boiling. Cream liquefy the moment - because consume cold and liquid chocolate cross. So please can you in detail how to do this number with the addition of such a cream to hot / hot chocolate.

Marina, I thought it, so that may be a problem with the cream. I have not tried this particular recipe, however, in other cases I have had a problem. But I thought that the author knows what the rules are, there is still a picture of cake ready, then somehow gets. I'll wait if linsmalins explain something extra. And as regards biscuits, I think lining up just to each other. The author may have benefited inappropriate word, writing *checkerboard*.

Hello, I'm new to the site and do not know where I can not answer comments and finally found it. :)
All you cook do not rules, but it seems to me that it will get better and it just comes out. Kapochinoto on mixing with cold cream had no problem, they are mixed. I left the milk at room temperature at least 1 hour earlier and perhaps for this are not crossed. And on a staggered: biscuits are a package vanilla and one chocolate - square. Range 1 white and chocolate to it and so by the end of the baking pan, and the order is changed with every order (starting first with a chocolate and then white and so to the end). Thanks for the comments.

Hello, new site :). May became great confusion :) with this cream, mixing ... and biscuits. Maybe you are led by your picture made into a puzzle to do his own version: Take 400 g Bishkoti and another 50 ml. milk. Melting liquid chocolate with butter. Melting biscuits in half cappuccino made with 100 ml of milk and the other half in the remaining milk. Arrange biscuits white and brown one another chess. Put the top 1/4 of the hot chocolate with butter, 1/3 redim part of caramelized fruits, and on them and 1/3 of the chocolate cream without boiling. Top chess ordered another layer biscuits, chocolate with butter, candied fruit and cream ... so until the end biscuits. Pour the glaze on top of our other 1/4 mixture of chocolate and butter and sprinkle with coconut. I think I'll become a nice cakes :).

Hello Mary) I think you'll get super. Sneaky write whether you liked. :)

That biscuits are of two types, and colors, it is not mentioned in the product.

I can try my interpretation :). I went twice and cappuccino milk, cream and chocolate too :) Last night in January Reddy, all night tighten this morning turned it on canvas. Caramelized pear and papaya from compote. Now my only remains to bring it as convenient for logarithms :) and try!

Super you:) very well have received :)