Candied orange peels

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2012
peel from oranges 3
2 tea cup water
2 tea cup sugar
pinch limontozu
sugar rolled
chocolate glaze (optional)
Candied orange peels
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Wash the oranges and scrubbed with a brush to be cleaned well by preparations which are sprayed. Thus prepared peel and cleared the white part of the rind. Cut into strips with a width of about 0.5 cm. Pour with cold water and milled with boiling water for 3 times, drained and dried thoroughly. The water and sugar are put in a saucepan on the stove and when sugar is completely melted and bubbling syrup starts to pour orange peel, stir and leave on low heat for about an hour and 15 minutes to simmer. When you look slightly transparent are ready, add limontozuto few minutes and then removed from the syrup with a slotted spoon. Put them on the grill or baking paper, taking care not to overlap. Leave to dry for 3-4 hours, you almost sticky. Then rolled in white sugar, it can pour with melted chocolate in a water bath or half to dip in it (to remain a part orange and other chocolate).
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04 Mar 2012


I loved and goes to favorites.

And this Candied what it means?

What does *kandirani*?

means kandirani saccharified fruits ... Candied other their name in Russia known as ... fruit sugar delicacies. There are various kinds of recipes well-saccharified sugar fruit have a shiny surface. Stored in boxes and other containers under normal conditions in dry and cool place because the surface layer of sugar is hygroscopic and easily moisten. Most suitable for kandirane more solid fruit. Can be prepared by this recipe and lemon crusts also called citronella and orange-oranzhenat can eat individually or be added to the cakes, pastries, and so on.

Thank Naughty pretty comprehensive explanation.

BRIDA, and I thank you for the explanation!

This zaplehosah computer that orange peels were burnt caramel, next time I'll be careful.

The recipe is very nice. I remember that my mother made her New Year when there were oranges. Winding strips of orange peel snails and strung them on a thread - as a necklace. Then blanch them already, etc. Then orange necklaces hung to dry, and we licked like cats. Part of scabs left in sugar syrup - like sweet, and another roll in sugar.

Ts ... next time you watch and when you simmer it is not desirable to stir, the sugar comes up ... Marina I like the idea, so Wadi with thread put in another saucepan with cold water and blanching will become faster ...

I made them again, were very nice and put them in a jar with syrup, next time I will make them on the idea but Marina, very tasty and quick end, will try with lemon zest and picked from the garden without any chemistry It is a real pleasure. The recipe is great!

This time they were strung on a thread I left the white sheet, I think so are more beautiful and does not need to be removed. I got them in a jar with syrup very tasty.

steffanell, I also love them with the white part. Even lemon peels when slightly bitter white part, however I like, and it's less work preparing :)

Does it make sense to leave the Russian name *Candied fruits*? And does it make sense to tell them *kandirani* provided that we are best Bulgarian word *candy*? BRIDA, this is not a criticism of you, in any case, the recipe is good to thank you, just have an intolerance to unnecessary foreign words :)

Yes slightly tart slightly bitter, very delicious. I prepare jam small green wild oranges and become very bitter as, but very useful after a hearty meal is as ointment.

Neville to change, no problem :)

and watermelon peel it, but let them come season :)

Auuu, steffanell licked both one time. Incidentally in Italy made similar dessert Zuccata - pumpkin.

After reading the insertion of scabs in my mind came the memory of this sweet but there bademche inside then I have been to 8 years and so has erased in my mind.

And I like. I put orange and lemon. According to an article with a very similar recipe (, citric acid may be omitted - for those like me where they can get it easily nabyavyat. Furthermore, it said that in the same way can be candied and other citrus peels and cherries, fresh pineapple and carrots (eg for decoration of carrot cake / carrot cake).