Fried cheese in pastry

Submitted by enr on 06 Oct 2013
300-400 g cheese
3-4 filo pastry sheets
20-30 g melted butter or margarine
2 eggs
sunflower oil for frying
Fried cheese in pastry
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Cut the peel of rectangles (I divided each cortex of two parts). Greased each rectangle with melted butter. Cut and cheese, envy each piece of sheet (from all sides), so that when a batter does not leak. So the prepared cheese dip in beaten eggs and pre-breaded in heated sunflower oil.
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06 Oct 2013
the idea of ​​


Rennie, great picture! :) Great idea! ;)

Thank you, Bobby :) The idea is so breaded cheese is a colleague (I was very impressed) :) The result is great! A cheese with a crispy crust and most importantly can not be spilled.

Congratulations, Rennie looks great, and I hope very tasty! Topalov also view photos and already have order! :)

Thanks, Pepi :) I'll wait for feedback :)

Rennie, great idea! Bravo colleague :)! The pictures are great !!

Nellie, thank you :) Try it, you will not be sorry!

I will surely try. The idea is great!

Des75, hope you like it :)

clever and interesting idea! :) Reni again appetizing photos! :)

Thanks, Ina :) Finally panicked cheese without worry if you spill :)

Rennie, great offer! Thinking straight photo to congratulate, but the image will remain for later ... :)

I only turn them in the paper without daub it with melted butter and do not breaded, fried in oil, are wonderful.

Thank you, Willy! A picture will look forward :)

flower looks great! I wondered if maybe without cover with oil (not afraid to develop sheet in batter), but I see that it also happens :)

Reni, wrapped several times and put the bottom end when frying, then turn.

Rennie, have the greatest congratulations for shared recipe from Gogo! :)My version (as usual) is baking in the oven! Breading, egg, bread crumbs (mixed with sesame) and egg again. Very well received for the next time my effort will be aimed at better steering cheese in sheets, because some pieces had leaks :)

Pepi, great picture! The idea of ​​winning it I liked! Next time I will do it :) I am very glad that liked to Gogo (greeted me) :)

A great recipe! :) Reni, your idea is perfect! Very well received :)

Nelly looks very appetizing! I am glad that you are happy with the result :)

Rennie, great work! :) Forget other batters. The next time I, as Pepi will try baking. Thank you girls for great ideas! ;)

Bobby, great picture! (As always) :) And I forgot about the other batter :)

incredibly tasty is not stuck, will not expire on long stays warm inside cheese, good for rhenium recipe

Thank you, Petya! :) I am very happy when someone stays happy with the recipe, which I shared :) Very nice picture!

already circulated a recipe and others try it and everyone is happy

Very tasty cheese out. I also did it in two versions / baked in the oven and fried /. Sesame became very well. Thank PERUNIKA the idea.

Raina, I'm glad you liked the cheese! Very beautiful present it :)

Reni, is great! Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks, Willie! I am glad and thank you for the beautiful picture! :)

Villas, very appetizing picture you did tonight I tried a few pizzas, but will utreeee ... cheese! :)

Thanks Pepi, this is another proof of similar tastes! :)

Yesterday I made them and were very delicious ... thanks for the nice recipe ...

sveth, I'm glad you liked the cheese :)

Sazhalchvam for worst picture. I also Paiute them in the oven. Many successful recipe!

Lyubka more important is that the cheese is liked :) I have not done it in the oven (since when I was about) :)

This recipe and I tried, it was really easy and delicious! Thanks for the idea!

I'm glad you liked the recipe! Home has only so prepare him :)

Girls, I finally did it in the oven :) So we like!

Rennie tonight dressed it again, for the umpteenth time !? :) This recipe is one of our favorites. I want to share this time with basement peel oil, not very thoroughly with the brush. It was not greasy, as with oil and so more we liked! :) Divorcing the oil was there. ;) Sorry I took pictures ... :)

Bobby, I did the last time it was not greased (when it Peko) and it was a little dry. Apparently you've found a happy medium :) And to us this recipe is one of our most favorite, I am very glad that you like :)

Great recipe! With pastry cheese does not drip and spray. Taste no different from the classic breaded cheese. Thanks Rennie!

Dobby, very glad that you are satisfied with the recipe! :)

I apologize for the stupid question, but when you bake in the oven, in which part of the oven, how many degrees and roughly how much time you bake? What batter and breading did you do in this case, thanks in advance for the answer!

misty666, bake it on medium grill on high heat. Do breading the recipe and bake until browned. I'll wait for feedback, if you decide to do it :)

Thank you, I did it, it was awesome :) I Paiute Lower grill 20 minutes away, I poured it with tomato sauce and Paiute another 10 minutes and get something quite tasty, at least for me in December Great recipe I prepare to chestichko home that I do not with me frying, and I love cheese. Thanks to the author for easy and delicious recipe :)

really becomes great :) I am very happy that the cheese is liked :)

This time I like Bobby greased with oil instead of butter and are very happy with the result :)

Reni, I'm glad I have not misled! ;) Again you prepare it in the baking pan? I have not tried it in the oven .. :)

Bobby and this time is in the baking pan (recently only do so) :)

Breaded cheese do only this recipe! Thank you!

Milka, I'm glad you liked the recipe! :)