Cheese rolls with ham

Submitted by enr on 08 May 2012
100 g ham
150 g cheese
# sausage pate:
150 g soft sausage (chicken, beef)
50 g cream processed cheese
50 g cream cheese (usually or taste horseradish)
1-2 tbsp milk (pasteurized)
Cheese rolls with ham
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At low pan put baking paper and arrange thinly sliced ​​cheese squares, or purchased ready-cut. Cheese should order as draws sea check (see picture 2) and each individual piece to be taken with a small part in all about 0.5 mm, tiles. Put in the oven tray by gently melting cheese to connect all the pieces in one wafer. Slightly melted cheese earn from the oven to cool. Making mixtures and for this purpose we need a blender or mixer robot (chopper). Soft salami Grate with scraper or cut into cubes, add to the deep dish processed cheese, cream and feta cheese blend. In the ready-mix add according to how the mixture is thick and 1-2 tbsp milk. The soft mixture (as paste) smeared over the entire surface with the exception of the ends, the cooled popcorn crust, so to get spreads again. Arrange on a greased mixture thinly sliced ​​ham slices tightly, and again smeared with the remaining sausage pate. Carefully screw in the form of roll and also in plastic foil to not be detected and dry overnight in the refrigerator. Allow to stand for 1 day in the refrigerator. cured well chilled roll the next day we cut 1 cm thick slices.
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08 May 2012