Berkeley breakfast

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2009
3 eggs
1 cup yogurt
1 hr. liter soda
2 skinless sausages
1 cup feta cheese
2 cup flour
1/2 cup sunflower oil
Berkeley breakfast
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Skinless Sausage cut into small pieces, the feta cheese is crushed and confused all products to be homogeneous. Pour into greased pan with sunflower oil and bake in a moderate oven.
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14 Jan 2009
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You know, I'll take it a try, but will fry sausages in oil and then it will go wrong. I never bake anything with sausage, still I think it will spoil everything. Will upload photos as I do.

Very tasty and easy recipe, bravo cheerful, and I would take to do this vkusotiika!

Majestic is girls. I left a little of the mixture to try to fry. Again was very tasty, but a little greasy. If you will fry the mixture should not put a lot of fat. Yet its very tasty. Will not regret it, try.

It's great, like my lazy pie with sausage! Vesi Bravo!

As I threaten first zaparzhih sausage, let it cool and then got involved. Was very tasty. During baking it seemed to me that smells strongly of eggs, but after it took was wrong. With a very pleasant smell.

Next time I will do so Aliana. another is being fried sausages :)

The recipe is very good, did her but the kids liked it so much that he ate dinner, breakfast nothing left!

I am glad that you liked the recipe. Not with any serious products quickly became and tasty :)

and it would work with melted butter instead of oil? I now make it with the 6 oil, but ask to know about srugiya time. ;)

mmateeva87 why not do that? And may even be tasty. I'm sure that even with oil will be nice.

If no sausage, probably would be nice with butter. But I never mix oil and meat, because it is very heavy taste. And anyway quite powerful this breakfast. But this of course is my opinion.

I did it, and it became incredibly thanks a lot for the nice recipe

did her but not without sausage and pepper :) I upload photos :)

and I did not put sausage. Became very well. Try the recipe does not.

This morning we had breakfast with scrambled breakfast. Many successful recipe. Instead I put ham sausage / so I had / was very tasty. Vesi thank you ...

These days will do this again, but this time her like cakes.

Vesi forgot to mention that I put a little dried tomatoes and then baked in the cake pan. I filled it with a glass of buttermilk.

How tomato Desi? Specifically, I will make them like savory muffins. And in the form of cake I have rules. Still is delicious :)

Vesi, it was very tasty. If you put marinated tomatoes fat should be reduced. I used exactly the same with oil. I put 2-3 tomatoes, crushed.

Mmm, really wonderful breakfast joint, Bravos Vesi.

really become perfect, just do not know how to avoid that sometimes salty cakes fall after baking. I keep it in the oven until it is cool, but my husband is often impatient :)

great get all much liked

My mum did something similar and experimenting with sausage! It delicious!

Wonderful breakfast out. Without kremvirsh, but with butter and poppy seeds and sesame. Fast, easy and very tasty!

I am still not happened ... I did not want to get off the form cake and crumbled ... tomorrow I will try it again ...

Very quick and delicious breakfast!

sprinkles Does the form of flour

only oiled and then cooling is easily peeled from the form

A successful recipe and delicious breakfast! Thank you!

Hello, very nice recipe and Barzani was happening, but I felt a little testeliva. I do not know where wrongwhether because he made with butter. advise how to do next time to not get me again testeliva. advance thanks

is very nice can put other works such as red peppers cheese and say that I did not with sausage and other sausage also became very well better not be angry for Appendix

Oh, I had not eaten it since childhood! Thanks for the recipe!

Incredibly tasty. Swapped sausages with ham and pickles and Nakano sprinkled with sesame and linseed. Thanks upload a photo.