Milk salad

Submitted by enr on 20 Feb 2009
400 g strained yogurt
1 cucumber
10 olives
1 boiled egg
nastyrgano feta cheese, as necessary
Milk salad
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Strained yogurt and the feta cheese mixed very well. Peel the cucumber and cut into small cubes. The olives are cleaned from the stones and cut into small pieces. Mix. Formed in the top plate and grate the egg.
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20 Feb 2009


What weight is milk?

I buy it at 370g. I loved the salad! Bravo! Will try!

magi71 thank you very much. this is my first recipe

Hehe, why do you ask that? And I like it, but here tsedya their own milk, or was strained sour cream, and so zarazpitvah:-)

Delicious rose, bravo for the idea!

I love salads and milk that naturally goes into FAVORITE. :) Well done Gerry!

Yes, and I pretsedih milk alone. Especially if it is homemade curdled milk is obtained very tasty. I add a little garlic powder and 2-3 drops of olive oil and of course quite a bit of salt and dill. Snow White becomes a bit like, but we love it so. Bravo for the recipe December :)

roses from tomato peel Is that me has me crumble and tomatoes can not I dovre with peeler to cut

Yes, peel a tomato is :)

favorite salad at any time of the year :)

Wonderful salad!

Even without decoration, salad is great!