Chicken sach

Submitted by enr on 14 Apr 2011
400 g chicken fillet
200 g mushrooms
6 roasted red peppers
300 g feta cheese
200 g cheese
4 eggs
800 g minced meat tomatoes (1 jar)
6 cloves garlic (1 bunch fresh )
1 tsp oregano and basil
by 1/2 tsp savory, salt and pepper
sunflower oil
Chicken sach
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Chicken fillet, mushrooms and peppers cut into pieces. In skillet with a little sunflower oil fry the chicken and mushrooms, then add the peppers and tomatoes, allowed to turn on low heat until boil off water from the tomatoes. Put the salt, garlic and all the spices, the mixture is distributed in 4 pots (plastered with sunflower oil), top distributed crumbled feta cheese, breaks an egg and bake about 35 minutes. 10 minutes before you are ready, sprinkle with grated cheese and dopichat until golden.
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14 Apr 2011


I did it in ienska and bacon because I had chicken. It was great

oh-oh-oh, great tasty look!

It was great! Congratulations for the nice recipe :) And I did in Jena pot!

I made them exactly the recipe in pots. Were incredibly delicious. Generally, in gyuvechetata much to be improvizira- with different kinds of meat or sausage, various cheeses (I added melted cheese) and many other additives. Whatever you put your will become tasty. But this recipe very well combined flavors and spices. Congratulations! :)

a long time since I had these rules pots. Recipe know it by Ivan Zvezdev, it has only one tomato and a little fenugreek. Very easy to prepare and very tasty it. :)

A successful recipe! To me personally, my little sour tomatoes, other was good. Matter of taste! :)

Well it is! Today I decided to pamper her husband go to buy some pots and them begin!