Chocolate-bishkotena layered cake

Submitted by enr on 14 Oct 2012
300 g Lady fingers (1 package)
750 ml chocolate spread
300 ml milk
Chocolate-bishkotena layered cake
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Biscotti dipped for a second milk from both sides and lining up in the tray. It ranks as the first layer and pour the warmed microwave oven chocolate spread. Reddy and second and also pour the chocolate spread. With the remaining ladyfingers decorate the cake. Leave in the fridge to cool and well separated from the baking dish. * The cake is suitable for people who love lots of chocolate.
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14 Oct 2012


I made the recipe, but I did not get. Frankly, I was skeptical, but I did not want to write without being tried. First, because not said how many and what biscotti should be enjoying savoyardi (leydifingars). Naturally arranged in a circle in the center are to biscotti biscuits, and the edge of the common. To pour and cover me go much chocolate, more than 300 years Second row and he took so. So a total of about 700 Chocolate stuck to the form and extraction of the pieces are *stretched*, i. E. Were not any tracks. Clung to the blade and blade Cake. We tried to eat with a spoon, but after only a few bites we dropped. Taste is naturally only Nutella, sticky horrible palate and hinting of sweet. I do not know what the author uses chocolate, so that it is palatable and pleasant in itself, we do not like at all. I wonder why it says Enyova cake that name led to an association with Midsummer Day, which in turn implies something traditional, typical Bulgarian.

How many grams is a package biscuits?

For me always gets! The amount is enough. Apparently turned her what products. I buy them by the big chains, do not want to do their advertising. To taste much chocolate, but this is a matter of taste.