Potato soup with noodles

Submitted by enr on 06 Oct 2008
1 kg potatoes
1 onion
1 carrot
1 tomato
1 small pepper
2 eggs
1/3 cup vermicelli
4 tbsp sunflower oil
fresh parsley
Potato soup with noodles
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In boiling water, put chopped onions, carrots, the oil, salt and dry spices. Once tender put the diced potatoes, pepper - in small pieces, grated tomato and noodles. Boil until ready. Thicken with beaten eggs, 1 tbsp vinegar and sprinkle with parsley narzaniya.
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06 Oct 2008


This soup is one of my favorites. It's quick and very tasty.

Now will try. Looks very delicious :)

very tasty supichka this winter I'm doing with leeks.

today, there will be lunch :)

and home made potato soup so without Devesil only. Adore January

Supichkata is great. Sometimes cooking recipes and add to the boiling MAGGI.

carrots and potatoes they have the same time to boil, the pod she needs only a few minutes, and Fidel only 2-3. I put product in another sequence. The above procedure was kashvat peppers and noodles and carrot is razvaren - see the recipe - the moment in which it is softened, put the potatoes. But when it is softened, is ready. Every minute, complementary cooking only killing him vitamins, and does not contribute anything to improve the taste, for example.

Rally, there are different varieties of potatoes that melt at different times, and noodles too - may 2-3 minutes, maybe more :) I do not pulp soup so far, but if it happens - will It was soup :)

Supichkata became great. Instead of vinegar put limotuzu.

One of my favorite soups. I instead vermicelli however put a vegetable soup from A to Z, it has extra spice and it is also very tasty.

How are you doing thickener, to me is I do not receive anything :(

I BUILD them do just yolk when whole egg protein becomes flaky it is not smooth thickener.

The forum, under *How to do* there is a whole topic of condiments, which many users have shared their views and methods.

Very tasty Maggie became BRAVO!

Today, I again made it super happened to the chicken broth of roasted drinking. legs, and did not even put vermicelli

For zastoykata - clean off the pan from the heat to cool the soup for about 20 minutes. In bowl, beat the eggs with a little vinegar and add to them in chirpak soup while stirring. Then the liquid from the bowl poured it / as stirring / in the pan. Thank you :)

Mmmm ... great! Currently bubbling on the stove! Thank U!

My favorite is the soup.

VERY cool supichka only a slight correction - noodles with potatoes if you run, it is a mess. In the end it add I personally :)

always makes it a supichkata maybe do the potatoes into small cubes and therefore melt ednovemenno Fidel, thank you :)

for parvipat do soup and became unique Somoni where firstly it put potatoes:

Thank you for this recipe, but I was tempted and I changed her a bit. Added 4 chicken legs, precooked and cube chicken broth them 6-7 medium potatoes - chopped, of course, carrots, peppers, onions - added later, I was at the time a tomato, but I put celery. Salt to taste and finally a little lemon and fresh parsley. 2 eggs thickener. Became the jewel. Thanks again. =)

Milko straight you received chicken soup with potatoes, I'm glad you liked it!

which was performed only put Picantina and was very tasty :)

I love her just where I finally put inside and cheese, so I cooked it always my mother! :)

Adding cheese is a good idea and universal spice may be all that you like, thank you :)

Super recipe. I put a few universal spice. L. Mikado from Lidl. I have jars of prepared dish of my mother where peppers, tomatoes and more. spice it with some. l.
Very tasty supichka.

It was very nice! I put a little spice universal! Admiration!