Jellied yogurt with fruit

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2007
500 g yogurt
10 g gelatin
fruit - fresh, frozen, canned
honey or sugar
Jellied yogurt with fruit
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Yogurt sweetened with honey to taste and stir in gelatin. At the bottom of tall glasses arranged fruit, then put the yoghurt, fruit again and again milk. At the top is decorated with fruits and nuts. Put it for 2 hours in the refrigerator (or while tightening) before serving. can be adorned with a cigar, coconut, grated chocolate or biscuits.
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26 Aug 2007


It was quite delicious dessert and very important dietary suitable -yagodi fruit, banana kiwi, mandarin seedless (portokola not suitable ma line and they are not from personal experience) 5 for recipe and goes to grab your favorite from store for sweets *Fructose Sugar '1 kilogram 6 lev, but one kg is pretty much one kilogram fructose sugar is equal to 100 kg ordinary so that you can get 100, 200 grams to have all year also is not nice like saccharin (depends on Marc de)

I finally learned to jell - yesterday it was my first successful jelly cream and very tasty

Wonderful cupcake and gently, very suitable for summer!

Reni very fresh pudding with beautiful picture summer mood!

Thank you, Willie :)

wonderful dessert for summer heat

In general, I can not straighten with gelatin. What should be the temperature of the yogurt directly packet gelatin you put inside? Thank you.

Yes, and I'm not on you with gelatin. How exactly to proceed with yogurt.

Subject gelatin. You buy one package of Dr. Oetker, as the back of the packet is described in detail what you should do. Dissolve gelatin in 50 ml. water. Leave it to swell. Then melting water bath, add the melted gelatin in yogurt and mix well.