Banitsa Harmonica (video recipe)

Submitted by enr on 11 Mar 2008
500 g filo pastry sheets
300-400 g feta cheese
60-70 g butter
4 eggs
300 ml carbonated water
Banitsa Harmonica (video recipe)
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Spread a rectangular pan with butter and bottom of her put two sheets. The remaining peel unfold on each sprinkle a little grated or mashed feta cheese, folded like a harmonica (in profile look like sheet - /  /  /  /, and not roll) and put straight in the tray. Folded sheets are arranged side by side in the tray - height is preferably approximately the same as the depth of the tray. Beat eggs with a mixer, add soda and pour the mixture over phyllo - may be spread evenly using a spoon or ladle. Top rank bits of butter. The banitsa bake in a preheated moderate oven for about 40 minutes. Once removed from the oven covered for 5 minutes with a towel. Cut and served hot.
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11 Mar 2008


Bravo! Pastry folded sheets so I had seen. Yes, another has an eye to see. Will try on Saturday. Thanks for the recipe!

This recipe I had not seen, but I made it to school and tell you seriously was very nice :)

pie was great, making it several times. That he has not tried to try it is great.

I try it, I do not like it! And so great desire I had.

Very easy and quick pie! Become super! Only that we had a little fat. Next time I'll put plenty. Thanks for the recipe. Who is the author?

recipes without those users' author are added by us (the team of Happy Chef). For this particular idea is given to us by friends, only the name of us :) We are glad that you like - we might do with less fat and it is delicious - only to be eaten while it is hot!

Great pie, and is made very easy and fast! I might rearranged in a round pan and still going on, even beautiful.

The idea for video recipe is excellent, performance is clean and tidy only that, the recipe itself seems to me a little lean. Years in our family - my grandmother, my mother and I do the so-called - folded pie, I experimented with different variants and from personal experience I can say the following about this recipe: I think it's economical too - the amount of sheet to stuffing is great the court which makes small. Cheese and fat is also less. If anyone made it to share, whether in this pie recipe is not dry? You can try a little more variation and different fat - oil on the bottom and leaves - still unfolded. I think that what has been lost is filling salt - no one mentioned it - ie in that pie recipe will be low-salt, due to the small amount of cheese. Maybe instead of water to the eggs to add equal parts milk and yogurt - slightly broken with a little baking soda. If someone liked proposals - to try.

pie, photographed in the recipe get very tasty. The amount of oil can be increased or decreased according to taste - more becomes maznichka and juicy and less is more diet, again delicious and most pretty hot. Pies for the most appropriate fat oil is, in my opinion, but everyone can try a different option. Filling enough - not a test. The court, which shall subject to availability, but in this recipe fits (sheet are 375 g quantities in the recipe are 500 g). The cheese is salty - no extra salt if unsalted can be added in the liquid part. Recipe of us is loved, said if a number of variants which results :)

Great recipe Try it, it was magnificent, bravo!

super camp, already the only way I'm doing it, thank

I have no words for this wonderful batitsa and the showing for the right person immediately starts Daya makes benzothiazine shtte do here in Canada ASSESSMENT SUPER

I've heard about baitsa with soda water, this looks great will try!

I did it with a hand-rolled pastry became incredible. And put more butter and no words. Bravo to the author.

From two weeks doing just that pie scary and we like it. But I do with it instead of soda put a pot of yogurt with a little baking soda. It is fantastic. Bravo for the recipe. Many inflates and I think that the secret is in the arrangement of the sheet so I think. Once again Bravo.

I am impressed by the idea of ​​a video recipe. So I do pie. When no soda, put ordinary. Of course, the secret is in the arrangement of the peel, the more air is between them, the more will the initial rising. For even better effect baking pan recommend not fawning, rather to put a little of the egg mixture to the pie stuck. After removal from the oven, rabchetata baking pan to attach on 2 or 3 bowls inverted so that the pie hanging down until cool. So there is no risk to fall (can only fall)

You can go to put oil. When hanging on the pie excess oil will run out.

Looks great, next time will do In this way. Bravo!

Outstanding, fancy recipe that will surely find its place in our home! Thousands of admiration to the author!

In the near future, and I think it a try. Mngo looks delicious. A video for the recipe is starahotna idea. So predobivash actually much clearer idea about the technology of the recipe. The truth is that few seemed somewhat taken aback at first for *harmonica* cherteva very helped me, and after I saw the video even think oshte today to try. Is super! Thank you!

Everything recipe accept and believe. it will be very tasty, but I wonder whether I can try a glass baking pan or to drive in other right oven preheated?

We build it up in the glass and we have had no problems so far, only the baking pan should be removed from the refrigerator.

I did not like especially carbonated water washed away the taste of cheese and becomes tasteless.

There is no way carbonated water to wash away the taste of the cheese. Age of order pies do with soda water and it was never a problem. Pie is amazing and is a tribute to home. By the way I do with it in a simple baking pan and still going very well.

Wonderful pie! During preparation lost hope that will get successful pastry - worried that the cheese will fall to the bottom. And while caught hang of folding the sheet completely disappeared my inspiration. My only hope was that the recipe was published by the team of WG, and that should mean it is nice :). And that my son loved it and all who tried justified my hope :). Congratulations to the whole site!

assessment about the way of preparation but the taste did not like the cheese is less put topping and yogurt. Next time I will make her capitalist pie with more products, my people named her Communist pie.

Great is the pie. But, I typically Bulgarian - will offer you another option, perhaps easier. Products are roughly similar. Sheet, eat dusted with cheese rolled on roll, cut to pieces and arrange in pan with cut up, starting at the edges of the pan to the center. The thickness of the piece depends on the depth of the baking pan (round is more appropriate). And so the edges of the pan starts with thick pieces and the deeper baking pan enter, the more thin pieces is the pie and so becomes slightly downward toward the center of the baking pan. This is not so important, maybe the same pieces. The filling is made from a packet of mayonnaise, mixed with one leg. carbonated water. When I worked on it for the first time what really shocked soup obtained initially. But do not be startled when the prepared baking pie, it becomes something neveroyatono tasty, and it's very easy for preparation. M / in the way the name of this pie is *Pie of roses.* Cut into pieces, cake. Pleasant appetite :) :) :) !!!

Excuse inaccurate - what is made from mayonnaise with carbonated water is not stuffing and gravy :) It is hardly as important name pie worth it - very tasty.

This pie really worth it, and you try! Until now I have done in different recipes but each time the result is different, then it - sometimes it is not pretty! I'm doing this for a second time and the result is excellent! Just a little more Cheese put on what is in the video.

Hello, the recipe is super. But can someone tell me which company are sheet ... how to say? Others break

I use peel *Family* 500 gr. And I'm very pleased.Not broken and thin.These peel pie I ever become perfect.

This *pie florets* seems to me very interesting. Triggered my curiosity and necessarily will try!

Oh-oh-oh I loved it, I'm sure that it was great. Will try.

always happens, no failure

I made the pie became really zhelikolepna

is not exactly

On me so far has my pies rose and then fell :) With this recipe I have no pass :) However my first became a little dry, and now to add topping and half yogurt with a pinch of baking soda :)

I do 4esto many pies, because we like them a lot, but I first saw na4in descriptions of arrangement and so I liked 4f immediately got down to making it. Incredibly tasty and very to4na recipe and video presentation is very cool. Congratulations to the author for a great recipe.

I do the same pie recipe, but arrange sheet as usual. Tomorrow will prepare it and I think that would be very very happy :)

Wonderful pie! I made her on the loose and with plenty of cheese and the water replaced my lemonade. Become super! Thanks for the recipe! :)

I make this pie for a long time and besides it is very tasty and very easy. I add to topping one, two spoons of sugar and before January cut and pour pour along the edges with hot fat.

Congratulations for the recipe! I did not think it would get me because I had broken sheet from the store to home and do not screw in the long part and narrow. Added yogurt. Softer pie I have not done!

After a start it!

Super is :)

Great pie get bravo for the great recipe.

Great pie, I for years I'm doing it this way because it is not dletava, and there are holes. Even with curd happens when no oil, then add the beaten eggs with a fork 1h. h. oil and lemonade :)

Yesterday I made the pie, but I peel 400 grams. I decided as steffanell to put plenty of cheese about 500 g cheese however was a little more and the pie was a little salty, because the cheese is not ate salt. But who can tell me to maceration in some water? :) But that did not stop anyone and today there is no trace of the pie. NICE recipe!