Fluffy kozunak

Submitted by enr on 22 Mar 2009
5 eggs
1 tsp salt
40 g yeast (1 cube)
250 g sugar
250 ml milk
60 g butter or 60 ml sunflower oil or olive oil
rind of one lemon
2 vanilla
1 kg of flour (may take a little longer)
sugar for sprinkling
1 yolk for brushing
Fluffy kozunak
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All products must be at room temperature. Beat eggs, sugar, milk, grated lemon rind, vanilla, salt and melted butter. Dissolve the yeast in the milk and flour with added to other products. Kneads dough - should not interfere much, if you have bread machine knead it in, leave to rise for at least an hour and a half. Wicks are made and are caught in shallow and form 2 the kozunak. Be put up in forms or trays, cover with egg yolk, beaten with a little milk and sprinkle with sugar. Leave to rise well to double in size and bake in the oven at 180 C
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22 Mar 2009


Well you remember. Bravo! Yet Easter comes.

Well look;) and raisins can be placed, who loves them.

for Easter will napryavya. Homemade cake ... oh super. Thanks for proven recipe.

Well done, great cake and expertly baked, bravo Vesi will do it compulsory for Easter!

oh and I think to try it

This cake becomes very tasty, also can be made with jam and roll the dough.

Very well look, I love it more dried fruit, when I have time soon to try it.

If you do not have a bread machine, you can punch the dough on a floured surface at least 100 times. Becomes very puhnavo with pores dough.

Thank you for the great recipe became straaoooten

Well, great looks. Congratulations :)

I think I can try before Easter has come

bravo was very nice thread congratulations of craftsmen

recipe is great! Today it out and Cozonac became *duck* :) Thank you!

Easter cakes prepared in this recipe (I saw many positive comments). Became very successful. Thanks for the recipe. Already Bookmark

will try it still comes great day

well look now will try for Easter

I'll try never rules cake. I think I can do it.

Thank you, that you have!

great looks will definitely try it

now rises ... get us very well for now only ace I added raisins and ... I hope only tai as my gas oven and bake just below the top then both will not be spoiled .. . will add pictures .. thanks for a great recipe

I used the recipe last year, I was pleased and this repetition :) I like that fat in less quantity. There is a difference (minimum) in taste between this and the classic, but to me personally that I like more.

Girls and boys, I'm very happy because today I did very well get all I really liked it and taste, and appearance. Thank you for the nice 100% -so successful recipe!

Yesterday I did a test Easter cake using this recipe. It occurred to me to trust in the form of muffins with paper baskets underneath. The score was great - for each individual kozunacheta, crunchy on the outside with a fluffy duck inside. Were approved by the whole family. Thank you! :) I added a picture.

I do first cake and it was pretty cool. The recipe is super! Thank you!

Before least kneaded the cake in this recipe, waiting to rise and bake will put evaluation. For now, everything is under control :)

They became two oooogromni the cake. The recipe is great, I put the raisins and almonds, thanks for the recipe :) Goes to *Favorites* !!!!!

did 5broya of this dose-in forms. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, became pahkavi imnooogo delicious. goes to favorites.

For the first time, I Messina cakes, and my mother shape them. We are very satisfied with the recipe, because it is successful!

very positive comments for this recipe, will try it myself. One question, some did know them dry yeast? Only one and I would like to know how many grams put

jufa, dry yeast should be 14d (that is, the amount needed per 1 kg of flour). But since there is plenty of sugar cakes, and it slows down the rising process (even stop it if overdo it) I put a little more (for example the dry 20d). And although they say that dry yeast requires no pre-dissolving, I had always unfold. Nice kneading and success :)

Thank you for your response and explanation, we will try and write how they become. Thanks a lot

Hello, I made a half dose of the recipe received 2 small kozunacheta. The recipe is successful, I added orange peel and raisins. I used dry yeast 2h. spoons, omesih dough in baking and became great. Recommend.

congratulations fabulous recipe is very successful !!

Incredible cake, the first to do and becomes fluffy and thread :) Next time I will add a little more sugar because my daughter was not sweet enough :) Thanks :)

It was the first recipe I tried! Very successful

-loving, great recipe. Although I have not roasted the cake, I'm so impressed ...!- Boiled dough me really!
After a while I stick it in the oven.

And I signed it and 2 times, a great recipe, the second time I put delight, just have a question, when fresh cake is not too sweet. How much sugar maximum can bear all this consistency?

It was a good thread :)