Cookie-nut candy with rum

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2010
100 g butter
1/2 cup ground walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts
125-150 g biscuits
2 tbsp rum
4-5 tbsp jam cherries
1/2 cup sugar
Cookie-nut candy with rum
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Mix the butter with the crushed biscuits and ground nuts. Add sweet rum and Knead well. Make small balls, roll them in sugar and leave for several hours in the refrigerator. It can be used as a base for biscuit cake.
Very easy
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27 Oct 2010


We'll try it on Friday, but will use rum essence, because they are children. I think there is no problem.

soon were done-almost not felt -only 2 tablespoons, but when you come across essence is better :) I'll do tomorrow and will get pictures.

A little while ago I made them, but hurry because I made them a little more and went out 20 pcs. Roll them in coconut flour.

And those go to favorites.

standing overnight in the fridge and now online. Make them smaller and come out more- I hurried and made them as big nut.

made them all the way to the end and I got them to cut shapes. I sprinkled with coconut. Smell very nice, but will attack them tomorrow.

When I try to say :) I left them all night.

Oh, now I saw snimkata- great look and a good idea for baking pans. Our done and will do again tomorrow with shapes;)