Cookies * hectic housewife *

Submitted by enr on 19 Dec 2008
3 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda equal
4 tbsp sunflower oil
1 vanilla
ground walnuts for rolling
Cookies * hectic housewife *
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Soda is quenched in yogurt, add sugar to add other products and soft dough is kneaded. Fingers melt in sunflower oil (to not sticky dough) and form balls rolled in the walnuts and bake. Baking it in a buttered and floured pan to pinking. Optional can not be rolled in walnuts, and in granulated sugar.
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19 Dec 2008


I would put a nut inside the ball! If you rolled in sugar - it will not be caramelized and stick to the pan?

Reni, when the balls are rolled in sugar and baking sugar is caramelized, sweet but not stick because the pan is greased well with butter. A pecan nut, do not put because roll balls themselves in them (nuts).

snowy, made cookies! Become super! I put the nut inside and outside of sugar. Half of them have devoured more of warm and fragrant ... Thanks for the recipe!

Glad Reni. Put a picture if you did.

Sneji not think to photograph them, but were little and now will click, but tomorrow I will let the pictures that my son is the company and not my ...

Amazing cookies, yet easy and very tasty. Became a favorite of children now have to do 2 doses

are really very nice. Sometimes inside the balls put a piece of Turkish delight.

Brabham Snejka the wonderful cookies. I did and became violent.

are Prevashodni! Congratulations for the recipe!

At what temperature (high to 250 or 150) and how much time you win (roughly)?

I did them yesterday, were wonderful, thanks for the recipe!

and I tried. Of course it is better if you have a nut or lokumche, but to know that without anything, just dough, you become a wonderful cookies. Next time we will prepare them with honey as improvised gingerbread.

made them become very quickly, sprinkled with sugar instead of walnuts, were magnificent! :-)

Very tasty and tender cookies. I roll them in sugar and poppy, but not picture remained. Next time you show them.

are really scary fast and very delicious! But given products go a little, you might need to do a double dose

to me out just a baking pan of cookies products. Two have reached us, but for a large family can come a bit. Many vksuni however!

really are very tasty and quick and easy to prepare!

They became great. Thanks.

VSIKO is ok but I put and 1 lazhitsa lard become super

recipe is great, but do not know how they do so to come out a baking pan. I read the comments, I decided to double the dose and just pulled from the oven fifth baking pan ... Cookies are incredibly tasty and easy to prepare! Bravo for the recipe!

And I missed walnuts and roll them in sugar - received is great! Put a photo to glory! :)

Very good recipe became great, ovalih them in hazelnut and walnut. Thank you.

Image izgglezhdat excellent, but za6to no eggs? Now zasheetvam dough will follow the recipe but is samnyavam without eggs will get something. Once they are ready to leave a second comment.

Here I am again :) They became great! Only if you follow the recipe dough becomes too sticky. I had to add flour to get dough that is soft but not sticky.

Mnoooogo are delicious. And for 25 minutes while the kids are ready *great* and his little Omiya her eyes and dress are ready

snowy, I always wanted to be able to do such cookies, just made them, and although I'm not at all good at mixing, and gently pregorih became great :) My daughter ate 10 and looking at me disbelief (because the country prepares her grandmother) ... Thank you for the wonderful recipe :)

Easy and delicious. Kids love them. Thanks for the recipe!

are great, because my friend does not like nuts in the middle I put on a little piece of chocolate. Improvised half roll in sugar and the other half in coconut :)

is Super! Immediately get to do them!

very fast and successful for several months doing them before they finished the previous which amounts to a double dose on day-THANK YOU

snowy, Merry Christmas :) Some time ago I added the recipe to your favorites, but I had not tried. A little while ago I made them for an afternoon breakfast- super :) have made them bigger and added a little bulk ground almonds and raisins. But the truth is that nothing will be very sweet :)

them again napravih- hihi :) This time I added to the flour 2 tablespoons ground almonds and top them sprinkled with almond fillet (thinly sliced ​​almonds) and sugar. Received the great almond cookies :) Thanks for the quick and great recipe :)

several putt them do. Roll them in granulated sugar. my kids love them. Many are delicious when you snacking sportokal or tangerine.

next time I would put photo

are great! the second dose is baked, the first is larger nuts inside, uniquely delicious and fast!

P. C. above them sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds

who experience them, always repeat! Easy and great recipe. Do them regularly and always eat the last :)

are cookies grandmother :) wonderful! But I do two doses because never reach :)

hello. did kurabykite inal are supreme. even now do them again. top can be sprinkled or ovargalyat in ground biskvidi. thank you.

Great cookies! just pulled them from the stove. I enjoy how my son has paw you paw! Thanks for the easy retsepta- even the fact that I am in the eighth month, a large tumbak :) I'm not difficult to do!

great and easy :) I did and both versions :) with walnuts and sugar

Today I made them, roll them in sugar, because walnuts were done and no one is clean. Products added to the sheet of one tiny lemon juice and half his. But it did not work very well. This is the second type of cookie, which made the first seem to get - well. Those who did were previously mekichki and very pleasant, and these were very tough you do not know how to describe them. Very difficult to chew, even they were still warm, do not know why it was so .. Otherwise appearance no mistake, I have a picture, you only need to approve.

I think the flour you come in more. me I always get, and sometimes even add almonds and powder thickens more.

I decided to try. Were very nice, I put a picture long to be approved. Bake at 180 degrees middle oven. Thanks for the easy recipe.

Maria, congratulations - great picture! And apparently cookie and you have been magnificent!

Thank you Ina, you are very kind.

great recipe you have just made cookies really are very tasty and easy to prepare if you have other recipes will be glad to try them. Thank you!

My assessment is excellent!

Mmmm! Super become. Very easy and fast. Thanks for the recipe! I added a little cocoa, and cinnamon. Half roll in sugar and the other half in coconut. I made them small, but quite inflated. Became 27. Once again thanks for the nice recipe :)!

I appreciate excellent! : D