Counterfeit beaten cream

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2008
1 cup water (or milk)
1/3 cup sugar
2 tbsp semolina
1 vanilla
fruit syrup or fruit
Counterfeit beaten cream
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In enameled Court vazvaryava water with sugar. Add semolina and stir over low heat until soft. Removed from heat, add vanilla and not leathery, stirring continuously until cool. Stir wire egg 15-20 minutes (or mixer) until it became a thick white foam. It remains to pootlezhi so it better. Serve in bowls topped with fruit syrup, or on fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apricots) previously stood in sugar. * Products are for one portion.
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27 Oct 2008


Very pleasant and mild taste. To suggest an idea - and I put fresh fruit (my preferred are raspberries) after it has cooled the mixture and blend it all together in a blender or food processor (with plug-knife). Becomes very nice fruit foam. Thank tillia, that reminded me of this so loved by me dessert.

Your idea is great! The recipe is very old. I made the correction - can be prepared with milk, but once makes it right - with water. Moreover, the products are for 1 serving. The amount of sugar also varies, depending on the taste of the cook, and if you make your proposal - and the sweetness of fresh fruit.

I like her at that option, which you describe - with water. Weekend will make it.

Today I made dessert. Combining three flavors - vanilla (white part), raspberries (red) and chocolate (the idea of ​​chocolate is another recipe again tillia - Шоколадов cream meal ). All three mixtures blending consistent with a food processor. It was a beautiful hem, hem very very delicious dessert.

Elti, congratulations! You did something very beautiful and delicious! And the pictures are great!

Thanks :) Good ideas lead to good results. Two ideas I got from you and one added by me and here's what happened.

Girls this is something great! Suitable for the heat and for all who love to sweeten ...

cold you beat with the mixer? Can Finally fruits to break with him?

I'm not waiting to cool completely. Only so as not to crack the jar of my robot. First beat the mixture without fruit, then put and raspberries. So I went with chocolate. When white mixture easier I can not decide when it is ready. Then with raspberries and chocolate defeated briefly - as to homogenize.

So I did. I had no milk, boil water. Finally I added raspberry. Only waited to pootlezhi little to try it! It turned out incredible dessert! Will try and milk and chocolate! Try deserve!

And to me the combination of raspberries is my favorite (I do not use milk when put fruit because it can cross. Always with water)

girls and I did - two-color - white and chocolate - it looked before you break I do not give inspired confidence, but it defeated the miracle happened. Thanks for the ideas

Anna is just so - before break is nothing special. Then gains a kind. Sorry I did not upload photos. It is interesting to see it in these two colors.

Again I did this dessert! This time I added lemon (rind and juice) and a little yellow paint! StraOtno!

Well done, girls! With these ideas and images have shown what can be created from a simple cupcake!

Today I made this dessert in two variants with raspberries and chocolate! Became great, very spectacular, but must stand at least 30 minutes.

Very light and tasty cream out. Thanks for the nice recipe, Ina! I did not have fruit on hand in the water opened the caramelized sugar. Celebrated the neighbor came to coffee, but neither she nor anyone else was able to know what is ..

Nelly, I can only guess what has become aromatic cream with caramelised sugar! Another great offer!

I'll try to do it but the recipe is great and the pictures

And if it is too much to stand for 12 hours in the refrigerator? I now dress it, but only later tonight will try it at home, and will have guests ... Lest I fail something :)

just prepared it, put it in a part of the cream a tablespoon of instant coffee, I hope to get good :)

Danny, there is no problem to stay cool. Only covered him not to make a crust. If you did so to pay then saucer or baking pan, do not worry and be done. If you get a chance upload photos. I am interested what happens with instant coffee. Good luck!

uniqueness summer pudding ..

Villas, beautifully served! I am glad that you experimented with the recipe!

Thank you, Ina!

A few ideas for presentation of this humble cupcake! :)

Ina, wonderfully served! And the recipe I liked :) I'll try!

Thank you, Reni! Girls in the comments a very interesting ideas for presentation. With interest will wait and your suggestion, because I know that you will do something original! :)

I did it with brown sugar and berries. A little while ago it tried very nice get just that my little *air* if I may say so. Like eat cake, but no cake :) I think next time to add a little crushed cookies or to distribute it on sponge cake.

Vanya, another name of this dessert is *Cereal foam*. And it's really *air*:) You can use it as you like!

For quite some time he was thinking of this dessert, but failed. Apparently I was wrong somewhere, because I was almost liquid. Ina, what is the secret? :)

Doroteya, the recipe is very simple, I wonder what could be wrong ... Stir well you semolina soften? Maybe something was wrong with the meal itself?

Nevi, and what I wonder ... Stir it well, softened (fresh is semolina), allow to cool ... I smashed the highest level of the mixer, but remained liquid even after a stay in the refrigerator. Otherwise was tasty December :) As little liquid milk with semolina.

I am glad that at least it was tasty :) How big is your cup with water? This recipe is a standard 200 ml, lest your be more? Other ideas I have, I hope, that Ina or someone else can give advice. If retry put more meal and break it down over time ...

It is even to 150 ml, so I added another 1/3 cup. Besides I did not boil long enough semolina ... But it tried periodically, and it took off from the heat, when it was swollen and softened. Each case will not give up until you get :)

No, it was cream, grains visible. So this is probably my fault - insufficient cooking?

Finally came the response of accumulated comments to this unfortunate meal-cream! :) Dorothea, sorry for the delayed response! Nevi they oriented. Thank it! Cooked meal should be thick porridge, as hominy, if this can be your guide. If the liquid can not be broken foam. This means that you should increase the amount of meal. Here I would add - if the mess becomes too thick, can be easily remedied by gradually adding quite a bit of hot milk / water /. Easier, instead of adding a meal, because the first will be cooked and the second half-done. Thank you for sharing your failures, because it helps other! :) And success in the new experience! Will wait for the results!

Ina, and I thank you for the reply - I somewhat managed to figure out where is my mistake; I seem to be mistaken, you only have to soften :) Next time will be a little more meal and patiently thickening :)

I just hope to get, Doroteya :) Thanks Ina, for easy and delicious recipe made it yesterday while wondering what could be wrong, so take a note as I tried :) My meal was a fine and boiled for 2-3 minutes, then broke easily.

And I did today one dose to try a meal with the expiration date, you and again to check the recipe, although many times I have rules! :) Nevi, I'm glad that you liked the! :)