Homemade eclairs

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2007
# For eclairste:
1 cup water
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 cup flour
3-4 eggs - depends on their size
# For the vanilla cream:
500 ml milk
5 tbsp flour
1/2 cup water
7-8 tbsp sugar
50 g butter
3 vanilla
Homemade eclairs
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The water and the oil boil on the stove, then add the flour and stir a few minutes until it becomes a thick mixture. Get out of the heat and leave to cool. After the mixture cooled down, one at a time the eggs were added and after each is well mixed. The dough becomes more dense and sticky. With the help of a spoon to dip slightly from the mixture and placed in a greased or paper covered baking tray, leaving a certain distance between eclairchetata. You do not need to spoon-shaped cutter is ideal for cooks they are formed. Eclairste baked in a preheated 200 C oven for about 30 minutes. vanilla cream is made as to the boiled milk with sugar added fuzzy flour with a little water. Then continuously stirred a few minutes, and put the butter and stirred for a few minutes. Finally, add vanilla. Already poizstinalite eclairs are cut carefully in the middle, using a small spoon filled with cream. There is no danger to leak as the cream eclairchetata stick. Ready eclairs are sprinkled with plenty of icing sugar or optional can make their topping of chocolate or caramel. Obtained 25-30 Eclair.
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28 Dec 2007


I think oil is a bit much and become very greasy.

They become very well, but the cream can put a little more flour to thicken better.

Super seem very tasty.

It is wrong to put the cream 2-3 yolk. A whites become better if the oil is replaced with 1/2 again. oil.

now try them already in the oven and see what happens and I currently butter-margarine you can not layer the cream?

I just filled them became supreme. Thanks for the nice recipe!

thanks for the recipe. were very tasty.

Hello size ekleriote optional you do, or should be small like the picture? Sorry for the stupid question

Jaures, if more give them a little more time in the oven for about 5 minutes maybe. Otherwise it does not matter. Just fewer units will come. And if you are spraying all equally thin and will also have a good result. For this purpose, put the dough in an oiled plastic bag, cut a tip and injection molding. It is also easy. In any case, watch them through the glass, but not open the oven - to me are dropped me at the opening of the oven, do not know why. Good luck! :-)

Thank Aliana :) I have a gun cake but only a small tip will try your number with the bag :)

Yes, Jaures, try a bag. Steamed dough is thick, I have lied to do with Tulumba injection mold for cake. My fingers were blue days - it is very difficult: - (((

not tried them eclairs, cream became great but if not thick enough after truths put some flour and put it on low heat to thicken with constant stirring - to sgastavyane bravo Aliana great recipe 5

But this is not my recipe: -0 ... I only shared my experience with puff pastry ... Assessment put the bottom right;-) Congratulations to the author!

I always thought that it will be able to make eclairs, never dared to moment I found this recipe. I! I am pleased, though not at all beautiful but scary :) delicious!

very good tried and sent them a picture now test but really need cream for at least 6 tablespoons flour to become thick and a little oil. Thanks for the recipe very quick and cheap

They look delicious! Bravo for the nice recipe!

I kept the recipe, but I do not inflated enough and get a top crust, but inside were unfired / sticky / if not put in the water or raising agent has a fineness in baking, or if something else please share! Thank you!

recipe is great, just so they do whites. Congratulations to the author.

Very nice recipe! Indeed carved a very quick, easy and tasty. Filling me of caramel cream.

And me as Nelly so I got inside raw. Something did not properly know what?

Kurtni, oven how was it? If it was not the right degrees guess that's why you have left raw inside (over 200 degrees) And do normally not need to open the oven while baking and be seen time and detected to remain inflated and not *spaydushvat* to be able to roast well.This subtlety, if I may so call it helps then to fill with cream.Prepared cavity inside the pastry and this allows the filler.All respecting the right recipe as is, pay attention to even the smallest detail and there will be no failure.The recipe is tested and 100% guarantee of success! Bravo once again Flower!

Kurtni 200 degrees in the lower part of the oven and open, it gives you guaranteed success

To me May my problem was that I let the fan and then turned it off and May there sgafih. Another time I will try them compulsory.

I am very pleased with the recipe. I used it for the feast of love and made them in the form of heart while pouring the mixture put them so that the edges touch. It was very good. Thanks for the recipe!

I just made them :) Mmmm were very good! I changed the cream (it was a mistake ...) and I poured melted chocolate - two words: Easy and Tasty :)

I added my pictures.

Let me tell you first do eclairs and first tasted eclairs. I never thought they were delicious. But I'm fascinated. The recipe is wonderful.

I first I did eclairs and became great. Thanks for the recipe!

I found another way of injection molding, put a photo. There forms called *Spring Flowers* and filling is another, but it is steamed dough-spraying with filling - ie and eclairs it:-)

I want to ask you know how to make brown glaze? Love her, and I can not find the recipe anywhere. Otherwise, I did and became very well. I never think that the recipe is so easy and delicious. GREAT IS

Vanche for what brown glaze talking about? Is chocolate or caramel? Give some more information, you can find the recipe:-)

I think it is a caramel or brown for just the icing on the whites at the cafeteria. I was told to try with melted butterscotch candy, but it is also obtained

Vanche I put this recipe caramel frosting may be it. Look at the new recipes.

A great recipe! Bravo! :)

Many successful recipe. I evolved as swans

I want to ask for this baking paper with what can be replaced

Besides oiled court that will earn ...

big yummy hopefully next putt to stay a little photo

A great recipe! Here are my eclairs wonderfully received!

I always thought that whites are hard work. With this recipe reyashh try and I hit in the top ten. Are super!

Congratulations for the great recipe! Very easy and effective!

How long are prepared?

A great recipe :) The preparation has been slow because the cream has to cool before filling the eclairs, but great fun with them did, and were assessed properly :)

Great recipe certainly will try :)

first do and I became great. But because I did not spray them and fill them I poured cream ... Were still tasty ... But next time I will fill them ... :)

Very tasty! I thought to make it difficult, but it was just the opposite. I will do them.

to order and I here are wonderful as the first time I received very well.Run and shoot :))

For the first time I eclairs, I'm fascinated. Were very tasty and surprisingly very easy to implement.

Good recipe! One idea when full profiteroles - make a hole with a diameter of 2 cm. The bottom of the sclera and after filling sclera stop it up with caramel - especially useful as you make cake Krokenbush - wrap puff puff on. If you cut the cap to fill the sclera is not beautiful cake and covering cream eclairs on the other.

Super are very easy thanks to the recipe by baking them in the paper are not greasy