Dolmas for Tomcats

Submitted by enr on 22 Nov 2009
15 sheets of sauerkraut
200 g rice
100 g bacon
100 g fresh mushrooms
250 g minced meat
1 onion
salt, pepper
paprika, bay leaf
700 ml chicken broth
1 tbsp soy sauce
Dolmas for Tomcats
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Finely chopped onion fry, add the bacon, diced, minced meat after him, rice and finally add coarsely chopped mushrooms, spices and soy sauce. Pour 200-300 ml the broth and let simmer 5-6 minutes to absorb the liquid. The dolmas wound and pour the rest of the broth. Baked to readiness of rice. Serve with yogurt mixed with dill.
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22 Nov 2009


Is something different from traditional leaves, very interesting.

Yes, a nice recipe. Like them and I do, but instead of chicken broth add *veggie*, as in the mixture of them up and into the water where they will cook. In the middle of cooking and add cooked 2-3 red chillies for flavor. But I'll try and chicken broth. It is really very delicious recipe.

ohhhhhhhhh how I love spicy, but because my husband put in nothing, and I have for this winter about 40 jars chillies and separately to eat (:

I love sarmi will try them

My son loves them exactly in this recipe.

Thank vaceka for this recipe! Became super :)

Only spoils the taste of true leaves, you first hear to put chicken broth! Let us start to pay attention to cooking with less use of chemicals. Sodium glutamate is the main ingredient in the spice department, ask what is it.

rossenfix, I'm not quite agree with you - first, in this recipe is not said that it must be bouillon cube - can be used and real chicken broth if such powder bother. Second, not all universal spices used glutamate, simply concerts mixes spices.

rossenfix I apologize-but not everyone uses broths ready to make such a comment -as sharp as his do of domestic hens and pileta..kogato brew chicken or hen always put more water as my stay broth him Pour into bottles and store in the freezer also collect your bones when boning fish fillets and also brew them for bulyon..a whether sarmi are genuine or not it is a matter of personal taste, as you do not like the recipe simply pass but not impose on others your negative mnenie..prosto not correct site is about to publish recipes that are diverse. and who what products to use for a dish is already a me the recipe I like and will surely try it ..