Economical cookies filled with jam

Submitted by enr on 23 Sep 2013
2 eggs
3/4 h. H. Sugar
3/4 h. H. Sunflower oil
3 and 1/2. H. Flour
10 g ammonia soda
1 vanilla
200 g jam
Economical cookies filled with jam
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Eggs with the sugar beat with a mixer, then trickle pour fat. After stirring the flour product is sieved together with the vanilla and baking was quenched with 1 tbsp vinegar was added to the egg mixture. Then add flour and kneaded smooth and soft dough from which to form balls as the size of a walnut. Put in a greased or covered with baking paper tray and bake until 200-220C turn pink. Once cool can be stitched together with jam or to carve a small spoon and crumbs from them with marmalade be confused with this mixture to fill the cookies.
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23 Sep 2013


How big is 1 cup of coffee?

cup which Mary in the preparation of sweet collect 80 milliliters of water

If we translate to the standard cups of 200 ml are 3/4. H. Sugar 3/4. H. Oil and 3 and 1/2. H. Flour correctly sounds?

Yes should be so old recipe is from my mother's notebooks and therefore is measured, often prepare these sweet because like many home and so far there has never been a problem.

As a lover of this site I decided to upload photos today and have prepared these sweets were nice but unfortunately not brought their outer vit

Bravo sweetka contrary very appetizing look sweet. Will prepare and I weekends. Super them baked wonderful color