Fast baked with vegetables and skinless sausage

Submitted by enr on 20 Jul 2012
500 g potatoes
2 zucchini
2 peppers
100 g feta cheese
100 g cheese
2-3 skinless sausages
4 eggs
salt, savory, pepper
4- 5 tbsp sunflower oil
Fast baked with vegetables and skinless sausage
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In a baking dish arrange chopped into small pieces and salted with the desired seasonings potatoes. Spread on them washed, shredded, salted, drained and confused with the feta cheese zucchini. Add chopped into small pieces skinless sausages and pepper. Bake in a preheated oven at 220C for about 10 minutes, pouring the beaten eggs with a little salt and dopichame another 10-something minutes. Shortly before out of our oven Sprinkle with cheese. * Fast, easy and economical summer dish that can be made and in pots.
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20 Jul 2012


Mila, lady_LANA, tell me the potatoes from Kade ... I buy them for 20 minutes I've never baked potatoes with gravy!

Potatoes are cut as I wrote small pieces which, when heated up and running 220 degrees oven in no case remained harsh, but of course and paste does not work.

Today I made baked. Became great. To grated zucchini added a little Magda, dill and garlic. Zapekoh for 15 instead of 10 min. And then added the eggs. Is easy and fast - just for me :) Going to favorites :)