Meatballs in Chirpan

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
500 g minced meat
2 onions
1 kg potatoes
3-4 tomatoes or tomato paste
1 bunch parsley
1 tsp paprika
1-2 tbsp flour
1/4 hours. h. (50 ml) vegetable oil
pepper, salt
Meatballs in Chirpan
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The meat is kneaded with finely chopped onions and parsley, pepper and salt to taste. Since the mixture will form small balls which are fried in fat. In the same oil after removing the meat fry tomatoes, grated on a grater, then add red pepper and flour. Pour hot water and the resulting sauce, bring to the boil, placed balls and fried potatoes, diced. Dish add salt to taste and boil for about 20-30 minutes or bake in the oven. * To tomatoes can be added 1-2 grated carrot. * In the minced meat can put and 1 egg.
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01 Dec 2002


dish is great. A little more time consuming to prepare, but worth it. Especially for women who do not have time to cook every day. Prepared enough for a few days. Try and you will not regret. Good luck.

cooked meal was very tasty. The woman led me to cook something and brilliantly presented with this recipe. Easy to prepare, I chose the option without browning. The potatoes are boiled at a slower rate - about 45 minutes. Finally I added masaltse by yourself :)

My grandmother told them *pisyur meatball*. Very nice.

Today I will prepare this recipe. I know it as meatballs in Chirpan and inset and carrot, but no matter how you say it and it is very tasty. Good appetite at all!

can be used tomato sauce instead of tomato. The dish is very tasty worth to try.

If we add a little carrot and peas would be great.

I put a little rice in meatballs and fried them, and them roll in flour and drop them when the dish boil. Becomes diet.

dish is super. Try it.

I have prepared on Saturday. Became tip! Eat now!

My family adores her this yahniyka

great meal. my omethoate it in no time

Very tasty and spicy it with another clove of garlic! Our favorite! :)

Instead tomatoes can put tomato paste. Meatballs not fry them, and only them as Cornelia roll in flour and put in the boiling sauce.

Very tasty yahniyka! It is often prepare by adding carrots and chopped green and red pepper. Fake and a little celery.

These balls do not you put a little rice?

Do not put rice.

It's really nice and I rule also put carrots and pepper is very nice and a little celery fits.

recipe is wonderful and delicious!

With carrots and onions to everything else was very tasty! I generally do not thicken stews with flour and you have been good so - me without flour!

Very appetizing look ... I'm going to dress it and tonight (if it) will shoot and upload a picture ... :)

Many recipes I've read about this dish, but, except that none has been so successful. Gets really scary tasty and makes it regularly now. Bravooo!

Great, now it's my turn. I've eaten many times and I decided to try to make it! Recently, however, where worry or I do not know what I use almost every dish I make 'dry zalenchutsi *. Not universal spices with half the periodic table, and more ... Well ... etc

Great cooked meal get added and carrot and green pepper excellent result

I do with it in a slightly different way, but the result is the same. Very tasty ... mmm

It is wonderful! The difference is that I play meatballs by Cornelia.

Wonderful recipe cooked meal is a favorite at home. And I add carrots and pepper.

It was a great yummy. I also added 2 peppers - green and red carrot h. And in less savory dish. Instead tomatoes put home. puree. Wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

... This will for today, but my little minced meat, and will add a little drunk. breasts and ground rice ... Greetings from Buenos Aires ...

It was super put a carrot and a red pepper from the jar and put my head Half onion because the heads were very large

Wonderful recipe dish get very tasty. I did not have much time and I used frozen meatballs from the freezer and used for the sauce of tomato puree. I added a carrot and a backward sponge in the refrigerator.

One of our favorite meals, regardless of the season! Prepared in a simple pot in a pressure cooker or baked in the oven.

very tasty obtained every time I do these kyuftentsalaz and add 2-3 grains allspice and several kilidki with garlic the sauce! became one of our favorite home cooked meal!

Quick, easy and delicious. Next time I would put rice and meatballs. But in general, in the original I love :)

Very tasty dish out. I added 2-3 grains allspice and bay leaf (like spices).

Greetings from Iceland! Such delicious I had not eaten a long time, and not just me. Just added a few grains of allspice. All hell B. Obreshkov their liking (their meals here are very tasteless), but next time I need to do more, do not come. Licking the pot, hahaha. Thanks for the recipe, go to Favorites and becomes part of the permanent menu.

cooked meal was sumptuous, often I'm doing.

meatballs were very tasty!

Amazing recipe. At the request had to add a little allspice and bay leaf

It was very tasty!

murder! with allspice and bay leaf becomes 6

It was incredibly delicious!

It was superb. I put allspice and bay leaf. Thanks for the recipe.

Very tasty yahniyka get.

Thank you for the nice recipe was very tasty! :)

For the first time in his life did such balls in your recipe. Last week it twice cooked - so loved by my husband and child :)