Fried buns with cheese

Submitted by enr on 02 Dec 2007
1 cup milk
1 and 1/2 cup flour
200 g feta cheese
2 eggs
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp salt
sunflower oil
Fried buns with cheese
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Chopped feta cheese mixed with eggs, milk, pepper and salt. Stirring constantly, add the flour. A rare dough that is fried in a pan buns.
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02 Dec 2007


We really liked. Become such mekichki and honey are great.

look very appetizing. Bit stupid question, but you spoon shape as fritters or?

Yes, spoon and gently raztilam. In a pan put very little fat.

And a raising agent?

And do not take a lot of fat ...

Veselinka, I put 1 / 2ch.l. soda (for some reason I failed to mention it in my first comment - usually share changes do). And for fat and I had concerns that can take plenty and it put a little (and want can not take).

Today I made them for breakfast, very tasty. Just wondering why the picture looks such puffed and got my thin, and it was because of soda. Next time I will put. Elti, in what had extinguisher? I would mix it with a little vinegar or yogurt.

turned off the soda in a little vinegar. And if without soda are delicious (something I was biased and therefore put less) will try them and so.

Elti, very nice and rewarding them tidy. I'll have to try them :)

I add to favorites

Great became cakes at me rather thick pancakes received May have to put more flour, but so were very very tasty. No photos, everything is eaten directly from the pan ... :)

Today I made them exactly the recipe (not put soda) and honestly I liked more. Taste is closer to that of banichka.

I made them today except that his son earlier drank milk so replace it with kefir ie. 1/2 cup wit yogurt and 1/2 water and put it in baking soda. Received is very very delicious cakes RPPW took quite olive maybe that changed the recipe, but it is not important but it is eaten instantly directly from the pan and says Mimi. Good for Women!

vmoya end their say lalangi-because my mother is Preselka from romania .. like many children made them even without cheese are still delicious sprinkled with granulated sugar. go to Favorites and will necessarily try

And I chose without the addition of soda. We like! Remain Bookmark

Tonight, again we were fried tortillas! Definitely quickly prepared but delicious dinner. Well in addition to sausage and cheese, but the cakes are hit the table!

are great! This time I made a double dose :)

I made them today for breakfast. The mixture was my little gastichka, may be of sireneto-'m not Mary and added a little milk. I put on 1. L. In the pan and received about 20 tortillas with 4-5 cm diameter somewhere. - Quite small. But very tasty. We liked to vsichki- even nearly 2-year-old daughter to me :) I will make them, but this time a double dose :) Bravo for a successful recipe! :)

Very tasty! :) Great recipe!

Quick, easy and delicious. Thank you for the great recipe.

Many are successful, tasty and soft. I made them exactly the recipe.

again made them. This time I missed them fat and Paiute dry Teflon pan for pancakes.

This morning I made them and get a great breakfast. I had fresh milk and use yogurt with 1 h. L. Soda. Peko of keramichchen pan almost no fat. Serve with sweet peaches. The result - excellent. Thanks for the nice recipe has long been looking for something similar for breakfast