Caps burek

Submitted by enr on 10 Jan 2008
4 peppers
100 g feta cheese
3-4 eggs
fat frying
Caps burek
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Roasted peppers his cleaned from seeds and skins. The feta cheese, the butter, spices, parsley and an egg is confusing to a homogeneous mixture. Peppers filled with mixture is first rolled in flour, then in beaten egg in breadcrumbs and fried in fat sgoreshtena.
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10 Jan 2008


Many tasty peppers. An idea from me - sometimes for variety rather than breading wrap the peppers in the leaves and sheet ready to bake them in the oven pinking - are very effective for guests.

These are my favorite peppers :)

Very nice recipe! Bubi Bravo!

very much like peppers :)

peppers are great! Bubi Bravo!

super are really good that you are so people like me have from where to learn, many thanks to the coils and the site and all that publish recipes. Thank silkworms and my friend was happy :). Greetings

Good recipe, thanks! I support the opinion of k_lessova - nice is that you have to learn and we can cook. :)

Tonight will try them

Super sound, will try! Just want to ask how much oil is normal to put?

Very tasty recipe really, but I would add one tomato cubes in plate :)

Many I respect this recipe.This time I put only one slice of homemade cheese and that was great.Even my son, who does not eat *supposedly* cottage cheese, eat some peppers with ear ...!?

favorite recipes, peppers are great :)

Thanks for the recipe. Very tasty. I used red pepper.

peppers are delicious, we ate with pleasure, topped with garlic sauce. I had fresh parsley and put dried, but very nice work. Thanks for the recipe! :)