Chicken livers with eggs pan

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2008
500 g chicken livers
5 fresh crisp breads
4 eggs
2 large onions
1 bunch parsley
paprika - may cayenne
fat frying
Chicken livers with eggs pan
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Onions or is cut very finely, or strips. Livers are washed and cut. In a pan heat oil (about 5 tbsp) and put livers. When light turns white, add the onions. Replace lid and stew for 5 minutes. Remove the lid and cook until onions are browned. During this time, the rolls are cut into cubes with a side of about 1 cm. Add to the pan, put it and the red pepper. Mix well so that the bread to absorb the juice and fat. Add the eggs, previously beaten and savory, and chopped parsley. Stir with a shovel, collecting eggs from the pan, fry until everything is dry. This same recipe only slightly oily, more seasoned, more juicy (even eggs or milk) is an ideal stuffing for birds, as then put entrails of the bird to be baked.
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17 Dec 2008


Aliana, the recipe seems pretty good and tasty - 2 in 1! Thanks - already in favorites! Will definitely try it!

Aliana became an incredibly tasty food - especially meat cubes - m-m-m big yummy! The other thing I liked was that happened in less than 30 minutes. Bravo!

:-) Glad Reni. Spicy you do it? I have not done it spicy, so I'm curious.

I have not done it ruthlessly, because I do not eat ... so tasty became ... as I told you - 2 in 1! Strangely, there was a taste of mushrooms ...

Rally, was very tasty dish. Thanks for the recipe :) I put a little pepper - to lick your fingers :)

I forgot to say that I actually cooked dish with liver young kid, but the taste was fantastic :)

Bonnie, I'm glad that you had usladilo dish!

Fast, easy, delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

Very easy and effective way to prepare the liver, it became our favorite dinner of all. End of frying.

Girls, I'm glad you like the dish:-) The recipe is from the mother of one of my sister-in-law, she is Hungarian. It was one of the first dishes cooked alone, and now is not the obsolescence:-)

Fast and delicious recipe. The man told me that he likes more than fried liver, which normally are his favorites. And having thus topped the list for livers recipes at home, will be made often.

Nelly, I'm glad, my dear, that you liked the recipe. It is one of my oldest and most frequently sought me :) Thanks for the photos. More eggs you put Nelly? Or have missed the rolls? Seem much more juicy than those I receive me. The important thing is that you liked :) I think this year just with this stuffing to fill the turkey, it will add green onions.

Eggs me more, and bread is only one. I made it with only 200 g liver, and put 3 eggs. sliced ​​bread seemed almost as much quantity, but apparently not. My best man comes here and said he was hungry and I and it sets up to these livers, putting a bit more bread this time. He is a fan of the pungent and I use cayenne pepper.

This time I put a little pikantina and hot pepper. It is very tasty and the best man also love the meal. :)

I saw that different from what I prepare :) You should try a lot more bread - the taste of the bread cubes is great! I have to shoot the next time to get an idea of ​​what it looks like dish with 5 rolls. Bread by putting a lot, covers the entire pan and forms a cone, but he then dropped slightly by taking the juice of onion and livers. The whole dish is not juicy, and can be compared in consistency with potatoes to the pan, for example. Bread is the ingredient that definitely prevail. Indicatively, it can be said that 100 g of fraction 1 bread and put in an egg always less: 200 g liver, 2 rolls, 1 egg; 300 g liver, 3 rolls, 2 eggs; 400 g of a fraction, 4 rolls 3 eggs and m. N. Most goes with tomato salad :)

Mmmm, Happy is he the best man you ... I just go hungry from the cold out and makes me feel like eating ...

Compliments for the recipe! Great work! Photos tomorrow that time did not stay .. :)

iris, it is great that you liked the recipe :) I'll be glad of your picture :)