Fingers of skinless sausage

Submitted by enr on 03 Jun 2010
skinless sausages
Fingers of skinless sausage
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The skinless sausages cut in halves. On top of each skinless sausage knife is made pocket, which puts almonds.
Very easy
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03 Jun 2010


very original idea, well done! It in addition to rice with vegetables, for example. Nice picture :)

Nails of almonds it? Ole, very cool

gabi_2000 Nails of almonds.

It is well decorated, but I undercut appetite. Great idea, but I act badly just watching it.

This was our dinner on Halloween last fall. Put pictures:-)

A, and added. I did the fingers of whole almonds, which soaked 30 minutes in hot water, then peeled from the brown skins and halve. Thus, *nail* are bulging at the top and more nasty - which is the goal of the entire recipe. The guests were really disgust and ate with great appetite:-))))) Mold bread of green paint for food, mixed with a little blue. Paint rubbed, then sprinkle with flour.

Yes horror movie going on, but for serving at the table. My disgusting act. Sazhalyazham.

Nails meant the odeve they are whole almonds. Well there is no reason to regret Chochi has easy - just not doing them and voila:-) If this Halloween was not so popular - and I would not have had the occasion to do:-)

the photos added by melek fingers look better. Even gracefully, but others are really nasty

Thank gabi_2000. Deliberately put these pictures. Are not so striking:-)

Aliana nothing to regret. I just pointed opinion, but your photos are nice and right on the spot for the holiday

I made the recipe for Halloween, but I had no time to mistake, because my people were hungry and in a hurry to go out for treats :) My big daughter waving almonds before bite of hot dogs, because fingers seemed too real; ) Thanks for the original idea!

Vayyyyy really is genuine! Good for you! Great them done!

Thanks for the compliment, Aliana :) It was very fun. This recipe stands for months in *Favorites* and wait for Halloween :)

Oh, at first as a page to load directly shuddered ... really original idea .. ma this straight frankfurters have universal sausage whatnot masters with them ..