Fruit Tropical layered cake * kiss *

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2014
# For bases:
5 eggs
2 cup sugar
2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
2 tbsp sunflower oil
10 g baking powder
# or
prepared cake bases
# For the cake:
bananas, kiwi, orange, strawberry
peach preserves
cream (mixing)
sticks for decoration
Fruit Tropical layered cake * kiss *
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For the bases: In two hearts are broken yolks and whites separately. Then sugar is divided equally and stir until ready (to melt sugar). Flour is also added to the mixture, stir again until the flour not confuse nice with the other broken products. Then mix the mixture of the two cups in one larger and the other products are added to the mixture and stirred until complete homogeneity. Divide into three equal parts in a greased and sprinkled with flour pan (or pans) bake the bases in preheated oven about 175S. can be used and prepared cake bases - I personally use most such times. For the cake: First cream mix in a suitable container and put in refrigerator to set. In a suitable flat pan or other container placed first base. In small bowl, pour juice and compote spoon began to pour it on the base a small amount (the juice should be enough for the three the base). Then squeezes juice from halved in advance (maybe peeled) orange on it. Then the base is coated evenly with some of the cream and top rank cut into thin slices, slices, or other shapes kiwi and banana. On top put the next base and repeated: compote juice, orange juice, cream, fruit. Place the last base, on which is squeezed orange juice, and also the rest of the juice from the compost. The base and sides of cake smeared generously and evenly with cream. On top is decorated with optional one of the fruits also strawberry. May be used and other suitable fruit. Then sprinkle the cake with plenty of sticks for decoration. The cake is placed in a refrigerator and consumed chilled.
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17 Dec 2014