Gourmet pork

Submitted by enr on 30 Jan 2010
500 g pork tenderloin
300 g mushrooms
2 onions
150 g processed cheese
800 g of tomato sauce or tomato paste, diffused in water
100 g cheese
spices of your choice
Gourmet pork
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Cut the meat into cubes and fry with finely cut onions, add mushrooms and fry again. Before becoming ready, add processed cheese, cheese and tomato sauce and allow to thicken the sauce and finally sprinkle with spices.
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30 Jan 2010


mmm yummy was just ate with my boyfriend. great recipe. I added a little cream, thanks for the great cooked meal

thank you, I'm glad that you like

mmm delicious meals great recipe

I'm glad you like it

dish is very tasty! I made a change in the order of putting products - before melted cheese put tomato sauce. When it boiled well water almost evaporates only then put cheese and some cheese (I did it for security reasons against sunburn). The remaining grated cheese on portions. We like and thank Petya recipe. Put a picture.

aim is to your liking, and I will try your varinat

Dnoshti finally his turn came and it svivsko. I added a little cream, *falsified* with half a cup of red wine and ELti put melted cheese eventually became wonder!

We just went ... I did and I put the beans, I did not cast ... and spice jewel

well, we've got and beans to try, but you beans

mature from a jar that I'm abroad and it is difficult to cook with their own products :)

I loved! My husband was fascinated, but also had more for me! ;) Thanks for the recipe!

it is not everyone can not like a thing, but never mind

This is ... more importantly, I loved it! ;-)

cooked' gourmet pork *and it was great, my husband licked his fingers:) Thanks for the recipe!

every man loves his meat well done for arranging