Homemade biscuits and candy

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2013
125 g butter
200 g of powdered sugar
350 g biscuits - cocoa
chocolate bars and another of your choice to decorate
Homemade biscuits and candy
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Smash biscuits of very small (made of dust). I personally in a pouch and top with rolling pin mash them and get a lot better. Add powdered sugar. Melting the butter in the microwave (or low heat) and add it to the biscuit powder. Everything is kneaded to a sticky mixture, which can get a little pellets. You may need to further crushed biscuits or add more butter. It is very important when shape marbles them immediately and dirty in the decoration, as if you leave them a little to stay cool and the butter will stick better.
Very easy
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03 Apr 2013


Is there something special about these brands butter and crackers? What are the weight of the package?

not nothing spetsialno..tselta mixture has become as sticky dough!

Initially the oil was pack and a half, not half lost somewhere? If the same bisvkvitite can we say just 350 g biscuits that brands is confusing? Or 200 g of oil and 150 g in dry biscuits, for instance?

WILL put it this way 350 g crackers

nedqlkova91, recipe now appears correctly? Please if you need editing, edit the recipe directly.

recipe I fix it with weights and everything! these are the right products