Honey layered cake

Submitted by enr on 29 Apr 2009
100 g sugar
1 egg
50 g butter
50 g honey
1 tsp soda bread
1 vanilla
250 g flour
# For the cream:
250 g butter softened
400 g condensed milk
zest of orange
Honey layered cake
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Egg stir the sugar until white. In a small container (about 2 liters capacity) over low heat to melt the butter with the honey. Add the baking soda and the mixture begins to foam, significantly increases its volume. Under constant stirring, the mixture was heated to give a light caramel color. Retired from the heat and stir for a few minutes. Add the egg mixture and vanilla extract. Add flour and with a wooden spoon stir to give a batter (not solid, but not very soft dough). Allow to warm over 1 hour. The oven was heated to 200 C. On floured surface dough is formed cylindrical and is divided into 6 parts. Each piece is rolled thin crust size 20 cm. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for about 4-5 minutes on base. While bake one base, roll the other. Any baked base is placed on the BBQ with paper up. Carefully separated paper, and if necessary is cut at the edges, in order to give round shape and (18 cm). Cool completely, as the severed parts of the bases are dried in the oven and ground and used as a coating on the cake. Cream Preparation: The butter mix until fluffy cream and gradually add condensed milk and grated zest orange. Arrange alternately base and cream. Ordered the cake is left to cool and then retracts in a refrigerator. Optional garnish with walnuts, strawberries or just sprinkle with crumbs.
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29 Apr 2009


Great recipe, bravo!

Where am I watched the whole year? The recipe is really great! If Asya was not commented, I would not have seen it so far ... Vesi, bravo to work!

Yala am one cake - great taste! Someday I will cut my free time and I will do it!

Very tasty cake. I made it with another cream, but the latter must be very aromatic. Many, many thanks for the wonderful recipe. There are pictures.

cake made with brown sugar and cinnamon, to lessen the smell of baking. Received is 4 marshes that even well-floured glued paper. I made it with another cream (vanilla) but unfortunately he failed to blunt the amazing smell of baking.

For me sheet smells of gingerbread - this haunting aroma of baking missing.

Cream is not a lot of liquid?

cream to become perfect, but I do it without condensed milk - only with butter 1 h. H powdered sugar, 4 eggs (separate proteins are broken down and zheltatsite 1 h. H sugar). Cake becomes amazing with unique taste and aroma for honey. :) Who does not try it, you should try it;)

Today is my day to inprovizatsii s decided to assemble two recipes: boards of this cream and the other again from this site, I've Fränsta rural cake, which is similar (interesting to me is how are boards without milk). Cream will use: 400 g. sour cream, 200 grams. Pastry cream 2-3s. l. powdered sugar. I hope it will be delicious. I'll write her eat.