Crunchy banitsa with cornmeal

Submitted by enr on 31 Jan 2014
500 g filo pastry sheets
4 eggs
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1/2 cup cornmeal
300 g yogurt
10 g baking powder
250 g feta cheese
150 g cottage cheese
dusting - sesame, poppy seed
Crunchy banitsa with cornmeal
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Beat the eggs and add them to the oil, milk, flour and baking powder. In a separate bowl Smash the feta cheese. Mix the feta cheese with the cottage cheese and add salt briar. We take a crust and then spreads over the entire surface with a thin layer of egg mixture. It shall bear another's crust spreads again, then repeat the action with the third and fourth crust. On the fourth rasim crust mixture with the feta cheese and the cottage cheese. Rolled phyllo and place in a greased tray by gently tuck the ends. So continue with the remaining pastry, roll up by four. Ordered banitsa lightly with oil of your choice (olive oil, sunflower oil, melted butter), cut into pieces and sprinkle with optional poppy or sesame seeds. Bake in preheated oven at 190-200C degrees. Bake until golden - about 40 minutes.
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31 Jan 2014


sounds very tasty! :) Put Bookmark

I made pastry. Is great, do it, you will not go wrong!

January tossed the folder at - will soon be made! Looks very appetizing! :)

It was great pie! peach, thanks! :)

And when I get a great pie! I could not take a picture, hungry not left me time for a photo session :) :) :)

I neglected to mention that I used corn meal instead of flour and cheese confusion in the egg mixture (I did not sprinkles separately).

I was about to ask okay with meal and it changes anything from processing. Thank you.

Tonight the table again: Tasty pastry with cornmeal :)

Banitsa really is very good I use only 400 grams of cheese.

This pie by mistake I made only one sheet and I loved it the second I made it with 3 sheets see me a lot with 4 pcs. peel straight stiklena become like the many leaves we were not to the taste and now I'm doing it with only one lische so we like more.

The same with stuffing of each crust and is definitely juicy so wonderful banichka!

steffanell, would you upload a photo !? Let's see how it looks with one or three sheets. :)

I'm also make it with 3 sheets, no significant difference m / t this is 4, but to me it is interesting how it will look if only one crust.

I do not have pictures, but it looks like the picture of perunika, no matter sheet can not be suitable for very Ply, tomorrow I will do and I will upload pictures remaining peel should use them and pastry I like very much.

Here are pictures pie is gorgeous ,, royal used 6 single notes, not only because I did not put cheese.

Flower, very appetizing picture and a great idea for patties, will do so as soon as possible :)

Now I found a picture of my first pie crust with 1 number 11, but today in private wells is the tip of the pie.

It seems very well. Next time I will make it in separate forms.

Maybe in a small form as the roll is divided in two and to turn, becomes a small form as party -Guest.

steffanell, thank you for the wonderful pictures and ideas! :)

several times already make patties and am very pleased. Thank peach recipe and steffanell for shared experiences. Cheese and use only one sheet Frame format muffins. Always tasty and with excellent results.

Bobby made me hungry with these pictures :) Two days ago I made pie and I remembered this recipe, but due to lack of corn flour at home, missed :(

Pepi, when do not understand! While you serve the dishes were empty, prepared her on the insistence of my husband. At home all like it, put more cheese, not like cottage cheese. :)