Layered cake basket - II type

Submitted by enr on 30 Jul 2011
6 thin sponge the base
1 l Bavarian cream (1 liter milk) or other ready cream of your choice
1 l cream
flowers fondant
Layered cake basket - II type
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Sorting base -krem, base-cream until complete with base. Spread with half of the cream. The other half is colored in an appropriate color and outlines the basket (and can not handle). Top arrange flowers.
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30 Jul 2011


so I gave the recipe to make it easier. If you want higher basket can more cake.

What fairy of flowers! Bravo, Irina! How much work and time invested only in the decoration! What is the handle of the basket in this case?

Well, I thought, watching, reading, and finally decided that the best will become soft link :) Only twisted ribbon around it and that's it.

BEAUTY! Hard work, but the result is fantastic! Congratulations!

Thank Elti! It was really hard work and nerves, but in the end I am happy;)

Many beauty and fine craftsmanship. A: Can a picture of a piece? I'm interested, how do the tangle of the basket.

Here's a picture of the piece (well, that's left in the fridge). I had thought to shoot and slice, but in the confusion forgot :) Just to tell you that where visible part of the handle, put a ribbon. I uploaded a picture, but I deleted it because it looks like the first one. A tangle of basket -