Layered cake Riddle (dry bread and apples)

Submitted by enr on 16 Sep 2008
200 g of dry bread
200 g apples
125 g of powdered sugar
2 eggs
150 ml milk
30 ml sunflower oil
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 vanilla
2 tbsp rum or cognac
50 g butter or margarine
50 g in large pieces chopped walnuts
2 tsp cinnamon
# For the chocolate sauce:
3-4 tbsp cocoa
100 ml milk
1 tbsp caster sugar
30 g butter
# For garnish:
250 g cream
60 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla powder
50 g of chocolate and colored sugar sticks
Layered cake Riddle (dry bread and apples)
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Half of bread cut into thin slices and bake in oven until light brown, then beat mechanically. The second half of it is soaked in milk and then soften well, stir the mess. To this was added the oil, baking soda, vanilla and rum. Yolks together with 40 g of sugar is broken down to the blanching and also added to the mixture. Egg whites with the remaining sugar were heated in a water bath with continuous stirring to their slight compression. Add crushed bread, walnuts, cinnamon. Mix well and is removed from the water bath. In a large bowl stir the two mixtures and add them cleaned and cut into small cubes apples. The butter was melted in a round tray with a diameter of 30 cm after the pause, it is poured into the resulting mixture. Bake in medium heat 20-25 minutes. Once cool turns into a suitable dish. For the chocolate sauce, cocoa, powdered sugar, milk and the butter boil slightly. With hot sauce pour the cake. On top garnished with cream, whipped with powdered sugar and vanilla and sprinkle with chocolate and sugar sticks.
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16 Sep 2008
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