Lazy dolmas with mince and sauerkraut

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2009
500 g minced meat
2 onions
1 cup Rice
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil or lard
1 tbsp tomato paste
salt and spices of your choice
Lazy dolmas with mince and sauerkraut
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Heat the sunflower oil in stew chopped onion. Add rice, minced meat, fuzzy little water in tomato paste, spices and finely chopped sauerkraut (the amount is optional). Add 3 cups water and salt (or cabbage juice). Simmer until ready products. Another option - at the bottom of the vessel is put leaves sauerkraut, put the mixture on top of the onion, minced meat, rice, tomato puree and spices and top screw with a new layer of cabbage leaves. The dish can be prepared in a pressure cooker.
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26 Aug 2009


This is th yatya rutsupta I do quite often make excellent

recipe I learned from my neighbor before. I made her like me and therefore shared it here. Really is *lazy*, but it is delicious.

And even more lazy, put it in the baking pan and bake. If I do not mince, put soft grated salami and still going.

akva7, totally right! And I often do it your way, and the second option, but this time I decided to fill with this mixture several dry peppers and zapekoh in the oven.

I often do these lazy leafs when no time to roll. A big yummy :)

mimetics, I'm glad that you cook them! :) It's really delicious!