Mackerel Ropotamo

Submitted by enr on 16 Feb 2011
2 fish mackerel
1 onion
1 carrot
1/3 cup peas
1 red pepper
2-3 pickles
300 ml tomato juice
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tbsp flour
salt, a pinch of black pepper, 1 bay leaf
Mackerel Ropotamo
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Chop in large pieces stew in sunflower oil with cut thin slices of carrot. Pour tomato juice and add cut into julienne peppers, pickles - thin pieces and peas. Make up about 1 liter of water. After about 20 minutes, put mackerel, cut into large washers, and spices. When the fish is ready (it takes her about 10 minutes), add the fuzzy flour with water. * This is my improvisation on the famous tin Ropotamo, but prepared as a meal. Its taste is not exactly like the original, but we liked it.
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16 Feb 2011


I put everything / without flour / in the pressure cooker. My vegetables are about twice more, and half water. And it really quick and tasty! Maggie Bravo!

Bravo Maggie! Well I think that I also do so, but instead put peas beans perfect recipe.

and I will make versions of Theodora in the pressure cooker. Bravo, Maggie!

The idea of ​​the pressure cooker is very good, but what happens to the bones of the fish melted you? Do not cook very often fish and I am not aware ...

In my option bones do not melt. But if the fish stand for pre-soaked in vinegar think that will happen. Thank you :)

Bravo Maggie. And we loved it that can. Will try this way mandatory. I close my Bean salad in jars. Open 1 jar sipvam little water / as have sauce / and bring to the boil add the fish. I love her because this recipe is very fast, while I put the table and it is ready for serving.

Katya, Maggie is right for vinegar. Then a pressure cooker melt. And as I once did Ivalina dish with a jar of bean salad because peas, which I had seemed a little.

Bob certainly is tasty, thank you again :)

In the recipe does not say that you have a carrot.

He fell somewhere already have it.

Thank Nevi, my technical omission :)

Very good only for making it to the Black Sea mullet, it was fantastic ...

I prepared the recipe but gently I improved and I dare say that it became perfectly. I put more pickles (5-6 pcs.) And dumped all the marinade from the jar of pickles with fish, I put all jar sauce domoten home about 700ml. I had previously removed the skin and the central bone of the fish as I used half mackerel and roll them in flour at the beginning. Peko dish it in the oven because I do gas hob but I think it was great too. The acidity of the marinade of cucumbers, fish bones had melted and could not (only here there someone edrichki).

Latkova, kartiche, thank you, you made great suggestions :)

recipe is super. Should be done with fresh mackerel or happens with frozen? Thank you!

Personally I might prepare frozen after slightly relax clean and cut. Thank you :)