Marzipan potatoes

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2010
300 g marzipan (almond)
2 tbsp cocoa powder
ground ginger
ground cardamom
Marzipan potatoes
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Marzipan kneaded well and divided into balls of desired size . Knobs are withdrawn slightly in length and are formed so as not to have a perfectly smooth surface. Large, clean kitchen towel spread and sprinkle with cocoa and spices. The balls of marzipan, put it, the ends of the towel to catch two in two balls is shaken slightly, but a little longer, so as to be completely rolled in spices. The potatoes were left for about 2 hours to poizsahnat without touching and are ready for consumption. They come back in the box, as the lines are separated by parchment paper. In the refrigerator for lasting at least 3 weeks.
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26 Jan 2010


I do not see what contradicts here. To me it sounds delicious. I think it is better to imagine the taste, not appearance / that he did not is not important /.

marzipan potatoes have appeared during the Second World War, when Confectioners Christmas have sent soldiers to the front of the remains very expensive marzipan. Since these were remnants of decorations and other figures, Confectioners camouflaged this roll balls in cinnamon. Soon balls start Potatoes are called by the soldiers themselves, and candy are favorite not only of them.

very interesting and meaningful