Midi patches of Gemedzhi Mahalle

Submitted by enr on 08 Dec 2014
2 kg mussels with shells
3 onions
2 carrots
1/2 head celery
5 cloves garlic
120 ml sunflower oil
200 ml white fragrant wine
150 g breadcrumbs
500 g tomatoes
2 lemons
12 grains of black pepper
bay leaf 2
1 bunch parsley
75 g butter
Mussels are cleaned and washed in running water, drain and place in a deep pan with a flat bottom, cover and leave on medium heat. Once shells open, take out the nuts and leave them aside. Heat the sunflower oil in place the peeled garlic cloves and fry them until golden on all sides, subtract them from the pan and put in their place the onion, cut into crescents, carrots and celery, cut into small cubes. Stew them, after salting, until soft. Pour vegetables in pre-greased baking pan, such as shape sofa. Sofa sprinkle with chopped half a bunch of parsley. In a deep bowl place the mussels, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs, half the remaining chopped parsley, half the tomatoes (peeled and minced meat), white wine, black pepper (freshly crushed) and bay leaf shredder chopped. Stir the mixture and pour it on the couch. Pour the mussels with melted butter. Top arrange a row lemon slices of peeled lemon and a row of tomatoes, sliced. Bake in a preheated oven at 200C degrees. Serve cold with well-chilled white wine or beer.
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08 Dec 2014