Pleasant winter salad

Submitted by enr on 13 Nov 2011
fresh cabbage
# For the sauce:
yogurt high percentage or sour cream
salt, garlic flour
cheese for sprinkling, parsley and olives
Pleasant winter salad
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The amount of all products is taste. Shred and flavor the sauce, which again is listed products according to taste.
Very easy
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13 Nov 2011


will come very tasty, recorded it

Nelly magnificent, looking out before this hour salad and Sym very pleased that he groomed for lunch - became our favorite. This sauce is balm. Added from me a little red cabbage and turnips but have not changed the wonderful taste. Many thanks

einjal, your picture is great-very conceptual decoration! Glad you liked the salad! And we are FAVORITE!

when I can and I will try your suggestion!

my covariate was not I spoil other vegetables - this dressing is superb, I had baked potato and I poured them - were magnificent

What a beautiful and sweet salads! Bravo!

Didi great design your salad made beautiful photos bravo!

Thank you - a little doubtful whether upload them to avoid annoying people, but tyy I have very poor eater sandwich to dessert everything has to us is interesting

Congratulations, Diana! Great design, giving you!

Oh I Sym novobranka, but thank you. Tyy like you're the expert here - so I say to you, can you help with a model for sheynichka -As Christmas kyshtichka

Didi, many interesting and beautiful things you created! Congratulations on your skill!

Congratulations from me are amazing, I really like! Bravo!