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eclaircheta on this recipe - Krokombush (Croquembouche)
# For the cream filling:
4 yolks
2/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
2 cup milk
2 vanilla
# For the cream on top:
1 liter milk
100 g flour
300 g couverture chocolate (or chocolate)
200 g pastry cream
# For garnish:
almond fillet, chocolate bars
Prepare eclaircheta as made in this recipe - Krokombush (Croquembouche) . To prepare the cream filling Stir yolks to graying. Put the milk with the vanilla to warm. When it begins to boil add the beaten egg yolks and stir constantly. Slowly add the flour and continue to mix until ready. For the preparation of chocolate cream put to boil milk with flour, stirring constantly. When you boil outta heat and add quilt to melt, as we do not stop stirring. Leave to cool. Add the pastry cream to obtain the desired density. In bowls cream arrange bottom krokombush that are filled with cream. Second round with cream and garnish. * Vanilla can be substituted with lemon zest or orange, or a little chocolate couverture. * A quick version of this recipe is to use Lady fingers or flooded with melted chocolate spread. * I gave a link to a recipe for BRIDA krokombush because it is similar to my own, ie tested.
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02 Jan 2011