Persian tutmanik

Submitted by enr on 02 Nov 2007
4 eggs
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tea cup yogurt
2 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
150 g cheese
Persian tutmanik
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Beat eggs should be at room temperature, add the oil, milk, soda stirred him, and flour. You should get dough for cake. Add crumbled feta cheese, stir and pour into a greased baking pan. Bake at moderate temperature until ready. It is very suitable for breakfast.
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02 Nov 2007


Fast, easy, delicious! Ideal for any time.

I do it regularly, you can add the sausage cut into rings.

recipe is great.

Bravo! Very tasty!

great and delicious.

Very easy and tasty, well done :)

is Super! Do it constantly.

Great sound and looks, just did but instead put ham cheese. Good appetite!

Wonderful recipe *I tried with grated cheese is super

is Wonderful! On top sprinkle with a little grated cheese and susamche to constipation slightly. Tasty!

It is really quick and tasty recipe. I make it in years, but under another name Lazy pie.

It was delicious! Bravo!

Yes, it's really nice, is very fast, but it seems you like without salt until I put a little bit.

I do not put salt because of the cheese. If you like it saltier can add as you tasty

This recipe reminds me of cheese cake that my mother did when we were young. And I have updated the by amplifying little flour and put 1cup scalded chopped and seasoned with vegetable pikantina dock. Try and you will not regret.

already eat. I like him, but I no longer rules. Thank you!

I did not understand just what is Persia! It is very tasty and there is hardly a Bulgarian home to prepare it. Somewhere is known as Gypsy (lazy, confused) pastry elsewhere - just like cheese cake. But Persian origin was not heard! Not bad!

salami, I add colorful vegetables and red pepper, corn, peas and other, less savory, and bake cakes in shape. A colorful salt cake which my gostencheta on children much like birthdays. And their mothers too;)

My mother tells him that lazy pie

It was superb.

I like him and I do it constantly.

I know this tutmanik him as shepherd, but no matter, it is very tasty and easy breakfast! Super is a sausage and milk :)

Easy and very tasty :)

Today I did tutmanicheto and was very tasty, all liked it. Even now again it its bite. :) Thanks for the shared recipe!

I make this recipe for a second time, but today prepared dose and a half and then baked in muffin forms 24 to be more interesting for the children. Ideal happened.

Very, very tasty happened! :)

I know that few will sound dumb, but what soda it comes here?

soda or also called baking soda

to save it for breakfast and for dinner I did it and I ate dinner very tasty recipe bravo

today made cheese cake dinner (baked sausage and added *Kamchia* I had yesterday) and the usual cheese, get well, thank you for the nice recipe.

great recipe THANK YOU!

cheese cake is very tasty and fast, but I have one question. When baked plunk much but after the truth and dropped by razezhe inside is as *wet*. I do not know how to explain it - it is raw or underdone. So my question is - so you should be? Not that this stops us to eat quickly as possible. Just want to know, I know I'm wrong somewhere?

Well, to tell the truth and when my roast is fuzzy and then it falls out of the oven a little, but very tasty. Makes only a soda, no other nabhvateli and think it is normal to receive so. Depends what court it bake my going about 2 cm. High after baking.

It was very nice, I put cheese instead of cheese.

Awesome! I put him and salami, and olives. Bake it in the form of cake. Inflate be great, but put him and baking powder. As a bake it with oil and grease remains soft for a long time. Not that I hold very de ... :)

Great recipe! :) When I was little, my grandmother often preparing this yummy breakfast!

Pepi, very beautiful picture! My family likes him a lot and I put sausage and cheese optional daughter :)

Thank you, Willy! Like and this recipe is further evidence of similar tastes :)

I bought this form few days ago and made cheese cake

This time, as in the recipe, only with cheese!

Villas, great picture! :)

It was a great breakfast. Made in mono muffins. I added sausage and Merodach. Become fluffy and juicy. Will do often :)

cheese cake is gorgeous! Will certainly do often :)

cheese cake is really nice, I add him except cheese and krenvir6, chopped pickles and olives, my husband liked it a lot.

made cheese cake today and it was approved by the whole family :) Quick and easy breakfast! Thanks for the recipe!

For a long time looking for this recipe. Thank you very much. Only those who do not try only he does not know what they're missing.

Home is already a favorite! :)

At what temperature do you bake? 170 degrees, medium grill with fan how is an option?