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Submitted by enr on 12 Jun 2009
700 g flour
250 g butter, melted
350 g feta cheese
1 cup yogurt
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar
1 egg
Crackers Mom
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All stir and forms a soft dough. If necessary, can add more yogurt depends on the flour. Shape figurines optional, can be boring and cut the cup. Another option is to simply spraying or shape with your fingers. Bake in greased with butter tray in a moderate oven until browned.
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12 Jun 2009


I love to do pasta dishes, this will do, thanks for the idea goes to Favorites!

And you will not need a raising agent?

Not without raising agent in this type and makes them so many years.

in the first picture pretzels with egg second you are anointed? Or dough put only one protein and the yolk is left spreads?

The first picture is just added to my recipe. Otherwise, the recipe I dub pretzels with egg, but if you take as well as do it. Put the paste in a whole egg.

photo is to the recipe, there really is spreading in the recipe, but I really love them and therefore so did (with extra egg). Very well received, great recipe!

crackers were good, but they have to warm Once cool, especially the next day were very hard. Recipe January have kept strict, but did not expect such a stronghold and only after less than a day.

Maybe the flour. Always scary Slinger, and the next day is even more delicious.

look appetizing and will try them

is very fast (kneading took about 1 minute, firing about 20 min.) And are very tasty! I ate two baking pans while they were still warm. Tomorrow I will report what are after stay :)

Very tasty. Were quickly made them with margarine instead of butter because it was over, but will try them with oil.

Many are delicious. Congratulations to the recipe. Later you will get a picture :)

Very tasty pretzels! I think tomorrow will have to do them again :)

Super:) kids love them!

was looking recipes for pretzels and those I liked. Once the recipe is my mom and have praise from Paul - then surely try them these days (with 1 egg). I just sprinkled with a little caraway (not to be confused with cumin). Of pretzels that goes much spice and white sesame. Thanks for shared retseptichka! :)