Roast chicken in a bag in the microwave

Submitted by enr on 17 Sep 2009
1 kg chicken (whole chicken legs or fillet)
soy sauce
pepper, paprika, garlic powder or other spices of your choice
Roast chicken in a bag in the microwave
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The chicken is cut portions, add some spices and placed in an envelope for baking. Sprinkle with soy sauce (can therefore not salts). The bag is tied without clamp to allow steam to escape through a small opening. Place in a bowl and put in the oven. Bake as the stove is switched on for 6 minutes at full power, then six minutes to half power and so once more (total 24 minutes). The following exceptions are allowed to stand in the oven for about 15 minutes. In less weight of chicken time is reduced in proportion to the weight.
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17 Sep 2009


Very tender and flavorful!

Suuuuuuper! I love fast food, where are preparing yourself! Thanks for the nice recipe!

Thanks! Glad you liked the recipe :)

microwave should you have a grill

No - an ordinary microwave :)

I opitvalada roast using the latter warmers but I will try and I pictured the properties of several looks better.

first roast meat in the microwave and I am delighted by the outcome :) Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks :)While no one has tried thinks that the microwave is only warmers.