Sandwiches with peppers, patdladzhan and halloumi

Submitted by enr on 28 Sep 2013
3 slices of bread + more 3 optional
1 roasted eggplant
1 large roasted pepper
1 handful zelenishi salad (arugula, chopped lettuce, spinach, etc.)
1 tomato
3 tbsp pesto Genovese (basil)
250 g cheese halloumi
lemon juice
Sandwiches with peppers, patdladzhan and halloumi
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Halumito cut into slices and bake pan (Teflon, fat-free or with little) on both sides until golden. Remove and season with a little lemon juice. Slices are roasted lightly on both sides in party grill, oven or toaster. On 3 slices distributed pesto, top ranks The green, roasted pepper and eggplant, cut into strips, tomato, sliced ​​and roasted feta cheese. Optional fell forward with slices of bread, which can also be smeared with pesto. * Vegetables and the feta cheese can be hot or cold. * Roasted eggplant and pepper can be taken canned, drain as well. Also can be used fresh to bake objectives BBQ or stove or be cut - eggplants into slices, peppers julienne - and bake pan, BBQ or in a hot oven. I love roast peppers and eggplants on the plate on the stove, then leave them for 30 minutes to stew in a container and then peel them. When baking thus their skin burned, but inside are smoked.
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28 Sep 2013