Fluffy dressing moussaka

Submitted by enr on 19 May 2011
100 g (3 tbsp of peak) flour
100 ml sunflower oil
500 ml milk or kefir thick
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
Fluffy dressing moussaka
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In a saucepan fry the flour in the oil add salt and without topping it becomes insipid. When flour start making vulkancheta pour milk and boil until it is removed from the vessel walls, pulling from the fire and leave it to cool down until the moment in which you can indulge your little finger, and add one by one eggs Mix until a smooth mixture. If many thicken, add another egg. Moussaka must be hot - in fact as it approached to reduce by half the oven and start topping. Pour and spread evenly over the moussaka, but do not worry especially - alone will be smoothed. Return the tray in the oven at maximum and when it starts to turn red can decrease overhead to not burn.
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19 May 2011


For the first time I see a recipe for dressing this way, it is interesting, maybe will try. I just want to ask how many eggs are placed?

milena75, to put 2 eggs. This sauce is a recipe by Joseph Cook with me and was copied verbatim. I years do only her and I'm very pleased. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it :)

actually do not know exactly but I got it where it is out of the net / can and cook with me to copy it himself I do not know / really do it for several years and really is the best I've ever done

Blagodarya1 asked for eggs, because he first saw them in the recipe. If it's just two eggs will be very economical, which is good :). Certainly will do so next time.

This recipe know it from my grandmother and is very nice, but not healthy, so I went for a simplified version. However thank Yanka that thought to put it here. I'm sure that the recipe does not invented Joseph, as it is very -NH. old, the more likely it is learned, and he by his grandmother.

I put the topping as a *cover* of the cake pepper. I loved it. We'll try and moussaka.

Great recipe became super tasty and really fluffy topping. Thanks

Great sauce! for the first time I have received such a fluffy and stable gravy, really nothing to go wrong :) Thanks for the recipe :)

toppings get very fluffy and delicious :). Thanks for the recipe!

really became very fluffy! Thanks for the recipe!

It is very delicious. Goes to Favorites