Fluffy cutlets

Submitted by enr on 19 Nov 2008
400 g yogurt
500 g minced meat
1-2 carrots
1-2 onions
1-2 peppers
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
100 g feta cheese
1 and 1/2 hours. flour
2 eggs
flour for rolling
fat frying
Fluffy cutlets
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Carrots, peppers, onions, parsley and the feta cheese are finely chopped, put spices and eggs. All this is mixed with the yoghurt which has been pre-dissolved soda. Was added and the minced meat and flour, and stirred until homogeneous. Formed into slices, rolled in flour and fry in preheated oil.
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19 Nov 2008


It looks very tasty, and putting his picture and now I'm sure tonight will dine just that. Well, where did they invent such delicacies? :) :) :)

They look great! I added them already in favorites will definitely give them a try! You can also add some sauce to them.

are wonderful! So I do them but Devesil did not love him.

Wow-is-how look only ... Well, that to me have napkins! Already in favorites. You have to try!

You are in my favorites.

They are very nice, I made them for dinner. Izparzhih them in the pan with a spoon without them roll in flour, because I do not lop.

Do not just look great. There are magnificent!

If you put your pickle inside and become even better! Vkusnooo!

Great schnitzel and look great. :)

schnitzel look great! Added to favorites. Thank you!

Great raft recommend them warmly. Pozdrovleniya and thanks!

how is delicious with bread crumbs or flour to be rolled out?

I prefer to flour, but as judge

They became great! I added 2 pcs. boiled eggs. The next time you added and boiled peas.

I make it now, not stand it :) A little later the picture if you are successful. Like I did, this recipe impressed me the mixture looks much better. And the taste is perfect. Delicious cuisine :) Thanks for the recipe!

Now, I'll make them look delicious.

Good, but are maznichki. With these products go a lot!

Great are already doing them for anything. I also do not roll in flour just form them with the spoon with which sipvam mixture in the pan!

are really very good! But consume them warm, like that cool, something I do not like very much!

are the worst schnitzel I've tried. Tolkva greasy 4f is unable to be. Do not be fooled into wasting their products.

This mixture of schnitzel can be used to form a meatloaf is really little different ... everyone has a taste of course, and no one is forcing anyone not to try the recipes. We have a choice!

What peppers you use?

I use peppers Sèvres / these bright green / have them in stores. They are thin and after fried schnitzel not hrepkat. And izobshtone greasy ... In the houses are a favorite meal. But in the end everyone has a taste ...

I did them, and became great. And if someone were to make him fat like me. Fry everything in a Teflon pan without oil. Mince his run enough.

this mixture with your hands you form schnitzel with a spoon or paddle

I did not like very much, I put 800 g mince and again lost in bra6noto and milk. koli4estvo become huge. Must be ultra thin to become good.