Stuffed chicken with sauerkraut and a mix of meat

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2010
1 chicken
2 large pickled cabbage
500 g minced meat
1 kg pork bellies
1 kg raw sausage or sausage
1 kg salo or bacon
50 g rice
100 g chicken livers
50 g chicken hearts
1 onion
100 ml white wine
red pepper, bay leaf, black pepper
Stuffed chicken with sauerkraut and a mix of meat
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Boil trinket from the chicken and cut them. Prepare the stuffing of stewed onion, minced meat, rice and trinket (it add a little salt). Stuffed Chicken with stuffing and sew it up. With the rest we turn dolmaschki stuffing in cabbage leaves. Slice the remaining cabbage, spreading it in the tray, put the chicken, covered with a few slices of salo and wrapped with cabbage leaves. Remove arrange pork, sausage and salo. Sprinkle with spices, wine, 1 cup water or razsolnitsa, depending on its salinity. Cover dish and bake at 120 C overnight and in the morning ready. But successfully fired and two and a half hours to 220 C.
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26 Dec 2010


It's like kapama. Of these holidays I'm not hungry, but the dish I act pretty tempting!