Vegetable spice

Submitted by enr on 10 Feb 2013
1 kg red peppers
1 kg green peppers
tomatoes 1 kg
1 kg onions
1 stalk leek
1 kg carrots
1 large head of celery with leaves
2 bunches of parsley
1 kg sea salt
All vegetables are cut into small cubes or grate. Mix in a large saucepan and add salt. Allow to stand for 48 hours at room temperature, stirred 3 times daily. The resulting spice is filled into jars and sealed with a screw cap. Not sterilized because it is very savory. It is used for all meals, at your discretion, but is wonderful for soups. Put it in 2-3 tbsp of about 2 liters of water. * I do with it with Himalayan salt, which is quite expensive, but anyway is very useful and tasty.
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10 Feb 2013


This is a great spice-winter supplies. I know it from my grandmother, but I might do without salt. Every summer close my jars and savings a 10-15min any cooking. Many go on supichki, cooked meal, stews and more.

It is really very nice and fragrant. Options with the salt substitute sterilization. It is good that already has the necessary vegetables year-round, but I do make in the autumn, when the tomatoes and peppers still taste :)

Interesting, but my question is: how is stored in the winter, whether it can be frozen in plastic boxes? Thanks in advance

fibar, the prepared condiment no need to sterilize or freeze - salt is enough preservative. Shut in clean, dry jars and store in a cool (not in a refrigerator, but not to the radiator :)). Endured months. If no salt, the mixture may be frozen in a freezer at - in boxes or bags, or sterilized jars. For similar recipes may look collection *Vegetable herbs for the winter* (a link slightly up in the way of preparation of this recipe).

Thank you for the comprehensive response.