Festive specialty Desi

Submitted by enr on 18 Dec 2008
1.5 kg pork chops
300 g processed cheese
400 g marinated mushrooms
6-7 pickles
Festive specialty Desi
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Fuck are the steaks with a wooden mallet, salting with salt and pepper. In pre-greased glass bowl lining steaks to each other on them are arranged processed cheese, mushrooms and pickles cut to length, is another line of steaks and again line of processed cheese, mushrooms and pickles. Thus prepared steaks are flooded with water to cover, turn fsunflower with oil and place in oven to 200 C. When the water boils is reduced to 160-170 C. Bake for about an hour and a half. Serve with mashed potatoes.
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18 Dec 2008


Instead of water can and wine.

Can instead of foil to close the lid of Jena pot?

Maggie, it is better to close with a lid, but my pot is uncovered and why I describe it so, sorry, my mistake :) I'll put a picture tomorrow because I'm meant to do for visitors will my birthday :)

Zlatina, maybe with wine, but this is a personal preference, I personally prepare it in this way and believe me it great meal :)

I do not put pickles, but put and smoked and processed cheese :) It is worth to try it, big yummy!

Kremena, thank you for the idea with smoked cheese, but if you put pickles and no mistake, give the dish a great taste :)

recipe is really very good - try it now!

Hello. Prepared dish I did not like. Meat as it cooked.

me4ka66, had to put a little water.

I water instead of those steaks put cream and wine and become perfect.

recipe is great! The meat may be cut and bites. Pickles put them as a side dish with mashed potatoes. Add some dried or frozen mushrooms !. To not make the sauce very rare you can pre-fried steaks lightly with flour, so do not become *like cooked* and bake until crust caught and melted cheese and sour cream add them last, because the cream becomes a *rags* as the temperature is high and there is acid in the wine. If you do not want to be the cream of the plant does not use rags sweetened cream.

Didi and I think you put some water a little more than necessary, typically made strhotno sauce to steaks that do not look like cooked :)

did steaks but swapped some of the water with cabbage juice. Superb, fragile Superski

Thank you, Alfie, and your idea of ​​cabbage juice and I like me :)

I tried with white wine and that was nice.

Bravo Tatiana, I'm glad that you liked the dish and the wine becomes good!

danar me also I liked the recipe, but I put carrots and grooved wheels. It is also very tasty.

Desi became superb delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

Desi, thanks! Very easily and makes it very tasty.

Thank Tonka, I'm glad you liked it :)!

I did wrong and I did it in a pot. I can not comment on the taste for the simple reason that I was washing.

super recipe, and I have made with wine and it was amazing and also the sauce

Bravo easy and delicious recipes such love.

missed only pickles! Great recipe! :)

Desi great recipe, meet new 2014 with your specialty. Just became a unique dish with a bed of carte. puree. Only for sure before I decided to seal them. Cheers and successful and happy 2014 to all!

Very tasty and tender steaks were! Great recipe!

Excellent 6 for the recipe, the meat was very tender and tasty.

Desi, thanks! Great dinner out. Steaks cut them in chunks, mestse became very fragile. :)